edge on the mac

who has used eedge on the Mac?


Its just like Chrome.

I installed Edge last sunday but I don't really recommend it. Its exactly like Chrome navigation-wise but less options overall.(just some extra privacy settings) I install it because I wanted to see if the auto-correct fonction was like Chrome or like the default Apple one but unfortunately its the exact same thing like chrome so I just delete it and will continue to use Chrome when needed.

I prefer the fast web-browsing of Chrome, but I just can't type without the very good automatic auto-correct while typing of Apple and Chrome didn't allow that so I just use it for specific needs.

Yeah, but...

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Regardless your opinion, does it work at all with Voiceover? I mean, if you interact with the web area, will it let you VO+right arrow through a website and navigate like you could do with Safari, or with Chrome? Or does it behave more like Firefox, or worse, not even hardly working at all.

edge works with VoiceOver

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edge works with VoiceOver. I was on Facebook in edge and you can use it just like Chrome for navagation. some of edgeds termanology is different, akin to Firefox, but once you get use to it, it's fine.