VoiceOver during iPhone setup

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Hi. I recently got a new iPhone 11 Pro for Christmas. I have been having issues where it will speak in a different language and I'm not able to perform the two-finger scrub to go back. Then after the iPhone unlocks and I continue setup it sasys, "Hello) in English but then I eventually hear the message "Swipe up to open", but I am not aboe to swipe up with VoiceOver on. I have to turn VoiceOver off and get sighted help to swipe. I then turn VoiceOver back on. I before was hearing only Spanish or Chinese languages, but then someone found a Back button and changed it to U.S. English. However, I'm still getting this "Hello" and "Swipe up to open," message when setting up iPhone 11 Pro. Any suggestions? I was able to do some of the setup like selecting a Wi-Fi network, where I had to select the U.S. English keyboard. I may have already set up my phone completely before any answers come in. Thanks.



Submitted by Tanya Harrison on Thursday, January 9, 2020

I can well empathize with your frustration, it feels like going round and round in circles at first. I had the same experience when I got my iPhone 11 a month ago. Was your previous phone one with a home button? If so, the trick to getting past the language screen is learning to master the swipe up gesture. Some people told me it would be easy, but it took me at least half an hour to get the hang of it. I'm wondering if there are any podcasts on this site that demonstrate practicing this gesture. To start, place your finger at the very bottom edge of the screen, right on the curve, or if your phone is in a case, right at the bottom edge. Swipe up slowly and you will feel a haptic buzz, and hear a little popping sound. Slowly keep swiping until you hear another, slightly higher pitched pop. As soon as you hear that second pop take your finger off the screen, and you should hear the familiar screen unlocking sound. Once you master this technique it will take you a nano second to swipe up. By the way, if you swipe past the second pop you will hear an even higher pitched pop, and if you release your finger you will find yourself in the app switcher. The same technique is used to swipe down from the top of the screen, to access the control centre and the notification centre, with the second pop being the control centre, and the third pop being the notification centre! I hope this helps in some way. If I'm not making any sense, Apple accessibility should be able to help you. If you still have your old phone set up, they can do a remote screen share with you, and then you would go into the camera with your old phone, hold the old phone in one hand, with the camera pointing at your new phone, whilst practicing the swipe gesture on your new phone with your free hand. Not all the staff in the accessibility team know about this technique, and with my luck I only found out about it once I was ready to erase my old phone.