change default braille table for braille screen input in IOS 13.2

Braille on Apple Products

Hi. Just updated to IOS 13.2. Is there a way to change my default braille table from UEB to grade 2? I managed to add the US English table to my roter and can switch with a 2 finger swipe up from within braille screen input. UEB still seems to be default though, so periodically I'm finding I can't use the contraction in the word periodically without switching braille tables.



Submitted by Travis Roth on Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Go into Settings > Accessibility > VoiceOver > Braille > Braille Tables.
The first item under the "Braille Tables" heading is a button that says the name of the currently active table. Tap this and you can select a different table such as English US System.

Thank you for this. Things got a bit confusing because I had re-ordered the braille tables in my list in an attempt to solve my problem. Seems like there's one -non-deletable option which is the default, no matter where it is in the list. Everything working as it should now. I love being able to quickly switch into UEB directly from braille screen input when I'm typing an email address or something. Only complaint now is that I wish I could get rid of braille table from the roter options, but seems like that option is not allowed in the roter settings, possibly unless I were to only have 1 table.