Frequency Missing, Law Firm

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I'm playing the game Frequency Missing, but I'm stuck on the part about the law firm. Of course, this is my first day playing the game, but how do you get into the firm? I've tried getting past the cat--I'm assuming it's the lawyer's, and I've tried using a fruit box to get past the cat and go into the alley and trying to turn off the lamp. it's hot, the lamp, that is/can't turn it off. Can't get any closer to the firm/what the people within are saying by using the window. I also can't get an answer from the doorbell/seems door is locked. I've even tried throwing some of the boxes away, thinking that good deeds here, since the character's been rather … well, you'll know if you played the game any. Can anyone help me with this problem?
Ashleigh Piccinino
P.S. Love the game so far though/wish they could do that with other audio games.



Submitted by mority on Tuesday, October 22, 2019

If I remember right you have to take one of the boxes and put it under the window. That way, you can llisten in or even get into the firm.