Scanners What to look for when buying one

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Hey all, Yes, I know this topic has been written about a lot, but I still haven't found the answers I am looking for. I have never had a scanner, and don't find any of the Iphone OCR apps work to my liking. I am looking to get a scanner specifically to read my mail to me. I am using an iMac, and there seem to be a billion scanners out there. Would love some advice and suggestions on what I should focus on when buying one, as the prices seem to vary from $50 all the way up to the 100's. 1. Is connecting through your home network or bluetooth better? 2. For scanning mail is it best to go with a flatbed scanner? 3. Is it best to go with a straight scanner, or get a device that also prints and faxes? 4. If your model just scans are there models that don't need an ink cartridge? 5. In the rare chance I want to scan a book, do you physically have to turn every page, seems like it would take forever, and not be worth the time. 6. Why would I need docuscan or some other scanning software? Doesn't the scanner do all of this? I just tested out my parents scanner, it scanned to a PDF and then I used skim to read it. 7. Is there a way to scan into pages or text edit? 8. Please do let me know anything else that I might not have considered, and feel free to offer any success stories. Thanks



Submitted by Isaac Hebert (not verified) on Monday, February 25, 2013

You should connect to a home network so that way if any one needs to use the scanner they can.

Submitted by Isaac Hebert (not verified) on Friday, February 22, 2013

I thing you have to scann every page and docuscann plus is better so qwhen you scann you're documents it can also read it.

Wanted to say thanks for your guys thoughts. My only thought about going with an all in one is there are more things that can go wrong with it. It is very rare that I do have to print or fax something. Anyone having a lot of success with one that is $100 or less? If so, please do let us know what model number and brand. Thanks

Submitted by John Muoio on Monday, February 25, 2013

I love this canyon all in one unit. Canon has the best customer support phone support et cetera. I bought this at Costco for under $100 and with them it's excellent service also if you don't like it just bring it back handbell give you money back or you can buy another one at the store. Also this unit is wireless and you can download an app With this unit you can scan from your iPhone but in order to print something you will have to upgrade to the next model. I hope this helps John