How to connect Instant Pot and what app to use?

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I bought the Instant Pot Smart Wifi:…

But I have some questions:
- If you are blind what button do you have to press to activate Wifi pairing on the device?
- What is the best app to use with your instant pot: "Instant pot" or "smart cooker"?




Submitted by Adrianne on Thursday, September 26, 2019

My app is called "Smart Cooker." It's been a while since I got mine, so I don't remember how I paired it. But if you download the app, there is a tab at the bottom labeled "My." Under that tab you will see Settings, and under that is Add a Smart Cooker. If that doesn't work, I know they have a pdf of the manual, which is probably how I figured it out when I first got mine. Hope that helps!