Problem with my iPhone XS Max

Dear Everyone!
After considering back and forth, I consider get my hand on the newly-bought iPhone XS Max. However, I encounter some issues with the new device. First, the phone won't power on whenever I shutdown no matter how I press the side button. It can turn back on only if the phone is connected to wall adapter. Note: the phone have 40% battery. Second, the Imessage and Facetime cannot be activated. It said the the error occur during activation. I really appreciated if you could help me.


Are you pressing long enough

App Developer

Are you pressing long enough on the power button? Something around 4 secs. And for the activation of FaceTime and iMessage, if you are on a prepaid plan make sure you have enough credit. If you’re not on a prepaid plan, top up with a little bit more than required by your provider for your plan.

About iPhone max

Hello there you actually have to hold the power button and the volume down button at the same time to turn the phone off do you want to let you know case you weren’t aware of that


In reguards to your first question, to turn on the phone, press and hold the side button for a couple seconds until the apple logo appears. If you can't see it, press it for 3 seconds or so and the phone should turn on.

Thank you

Dear everyone, I sincerely appreciated for all your helpful advice. For the time being, I dare not restart my phone again. Anyway, I also express my thankfulness for the information to turn off the phone without going through the setting.