Who would be interested in a baby/child care game from Blindfold Games?

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Hello. So, I have been looking through the various listings here on AppleVis for simulation games, particularly care games. The 1 area that seems to be especially lacking is realistic baby care games. I downloaded Blindfold Doggie, and I absolutely love it. I was wondering how many people here at AppleVis would like to see a Blindfold Baby game. I haven’t written to Marty Shultz yet, as I’d like to gage the demand for such a thing. It wouldn’t make sense if I was the only one wanting this to be developed. I know that we have the X2line baby games and Little Girl Magic, but let me know what you all think.



Submitted by Ray Rucker on Wednesday, September 4, 2019

I would be in4terested in this!!!

Submitted by treky fan on Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Hi Hillary, I agree with you! I think we need a blind fold baby game! You're right, we do have the baby games from x2line, but they aren't what I'd call realistic. The baby doesn't cry at random times to be fed, changed, played with, etc, plus, you have no interaction with the baby. You just tap a button, and boom, job done. While some people may like a simple game like the ones from x2line, I do not. That's why I liked my babysim when it was around. It was like taking care of a real baby, no just pushing a button. I think we need another game like my baby sim, one that actually makes you take care of the baby instead of tapping a few buttons.

Submitted by Country music fan on Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Hi. I totally agree that we do need a baby simulation game. But when I rote to Marty, He said that his main focus right now is objective ed. So I think our dreams of a baby simulator are being put on hold

Submitted by Hilary Reed on Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Are there any other developers we could petition if need be?

Submitted by Paige on Wednesday, September 4, 2019

There was another forum topic somewhere where someone was asking about a baby or child caring game, and a developer said he would do it if a group of other people talked about design and features. He suggested that someone form a group to talk about it. I was thinking we should probably wait for the original person that posted the topic, but that was a year ago I think. So maybe we could just make the group anyway.

Submitted by Paige on Thursday, September 5, 2019

He commented about it two days ago too though, so I think he might still be able to do it

Submitted by treky fan on Thursday, September 5, 2019

I think we should start coming up with ideas and features, then contact the person who is interested in making a baby game.

Submitted by Hilary Reed on Thursday, September 5, 2019

Where should we have the group? I don’t have Twitter, and I am not sure if there’s a way to set one up on here. I can create a Facebook group. Let me know what you all think.

Submitted by Joel on Thursday, September 5, 2019

Definitely not from blindfold games. I am not a fan of microtransactions, and I’m certainly not a fan of blindfold’s business practices. I’m sorry, it could be the most high-quality game out there, but if it’s from blindfold, I would have to say no.

Submitted by Joel on Thursday, September 5, 2019

I heard that John from Woodside apps was willing to code the game if we could come up with ideas. Now that’s a developer that I do like.

Submitted by Lysette Chaproniere on Thursday, September 5, 2019

Member of the AppleVis Blog Team

Not something that would interest me, but for those who want it, rather than asking someone to make a game especially for VO users, how about finding a mainstream baby sim game you like the sound of and then working with the devs to make it accessible if it isn’t already?

Hi Page,
I know I saw that topic, but I can’t find it now. I was going to post the link to the new Facebook group I’ve setup.

Submitted by Hilary Reed on Saturday, September 7, 2019

Hi everyone. I hope that you’re all having a great Saturday so far. So, I was contacted recently by a woman named Shawna about this topic, and the 2 of us have come up with a few things. First, we feel that the babies should age past 6 months of age, though a final age has not yet been determined yet. Second, Shawna mentioned that in-app purchases should be minimal or non-existent, but that would probably be up to John. It has been noted however. Also, we discussed in-game currency and how it can be earned, and we came up with the following system. Points/currency will be awarded and earned based on the positive actions that you perform with your child, such as feeding, changing, rocking, bathing, etc. Also, currency and/or points will be deducted for neglect and maltreatment. Finally, we both agreed that there should be options for nannies and/or day care for those times when you’re too busy to care for a demanding infant/child on your phone. Let me know what you all think, and feel free to add things or criticize things if you wish. I think that this is a good start however.

Submitted by Paige on Saturday, September 7, 2019

Maybe the points could also be used to buy things for the baby, like clothes, food, more formula, more diapers and wipes. Kind of like the credits system in my baby sim, but more advanced and easier to get the points.

Submitted by Hilary Reed on Saturday, September 7, 2019

What I am thinking of is a system that is a cross between the X2line games and My Baby Sim. Like in the X2line games, points are earned through the interactions with the baby. And, like My Baby Sim, the points could be used for purchases, Doctor visits, etc Is that what you are thinking?

Submitted by Hilary Reed on Saturday, September 7, 2019

Well, I have quite a few ideas for this, and I am keeping them all in my notes on my iPad. If anyone else has more ideas, feel free to post them here. Or let me know if you want me to send these along? I’ll wait for som more responses :-)

Submitted by Zoe Victoria on Saturday, September 7, 2019

In reply to by Hilary Reed

Maybe the babies could have different personalities, like they could like/not like different kinds of food and toys. Maybe there could be minni games where we teach the baby how to walk and talk, maybe play peekaboo by covering the camera. I'd also like to be able to dress the babies in different outfits and when they grow hair we would have to brush and style it. And definitely have descriptions for all the clothes and hairstyles.

Submitted by Hilary Reed on Sunday, September 8, 2019

I will document this.

Submitted by Hilary Reed on Sunday, September 8, 2019

So, what do you all think about the babies crying differently and making different sounds for each need? For example, if a doctor visit is needed, players could hear a coughing sound.

Submitted by Ray Rucker on Sunday, September 8, 2019

there should be a way to wash the baby with a sponge, change the diaper, dress the baby, dry the baby after a bath and so on. like using different gestures instead of just clicking a button to have it do it for you. Like instead of clicking the change baby button. Hope that makes sense.

Submitted by Hilary Reed on Sunday, September 8, 2019

I agree with you 100%. However, the only company that I’ve ever seen do that is Blindfold Games. Nevertheless, I will note this.

Submitted by Paige on Monday, September 9, 2019

I like the idea of the baby having different crying patterns for different needs, but I feel like they should be pretty similar also, so there's some challenge in trying to figure out what the baby needs.

Submitted by Hilary Reed on Monday, September 9, 2019

Okay. I’ll scrap that one. But I’d like to keep the coughing sound to signal illness. That would make it easier to prevent tragedy.

Submitted by Hilary Reed on Monday, September 9, 2019

Hi :-)
I am going to post the email proposal to woodside apps for this app. It is still in my drafts folder, not sent yet, so if you have any changes, let me know and I will add them in or take stuff out.
To Woodside Apps:
My name is Hilary Reed. I'm one of the registered members of the AppleVis community. I came across the forum topic in which someone expressed the desire for a baby care game. I've begun my own forum, and I've collected some ideas. I'm not sure which of these you'll be able/willing to work with, but I'm going to include the entire list of ideas that I have collected. 1. Babies should age. The general consensus is that the babies should age past 6 months. However, we have not come up with a final age at which the game should end, and users create a new baby character to begin again. There was a forum on which one person said it should continue until the child reaches 18, but there have been no other comments on this. The only real request on this is that the baby should become older than 6 months. 2. There should be an in-game currency of some type. This could be coins or points, or even expressions that mimic real money, such as pounds and pence, or dollars and scents. This would be up to you mostly though. Regarding the in-game currency, we feel that it should be fairly easy to earn within the game, with minimal or no in-app purchases. We do understand however that as the developer of this game you may need to implement some charges to support your company. We also discussed how caring for the babies and interacting with them in a responsible manner would result in currency being earned, while neglectful actions would result in no currency earned or loss of currency. We also feel that the in-game currency should be applicable for purchasing things that are needed for the baby, such as toys, clothes, formula/food, doctor visits, and alternative care methods, such as nannies and day care. Nanny and day care options should be available for times when players are unable to interact with their iOS devices, such as while at work or school. Also, there should be a doctor/pediatrician, as well as a hospital for emergencies. 3. We have also come up with an idea where each baby has different personality traits, such as preferences for toys and foods. There should be various baby friendly toys, such as rattles, stuffed animals, inflatable balls with bells that jingle, shapes, ring stackers, and other sensory toys. 4. Clothing and hair style customization. There have been requests for the ability to choose the hair styles, and possibly the color as well of the babies' hair. Most main stream games currently available on the App Store have these options, but not usable by VoiceOver users. Also, the ability to change the outfits with the clothes having accessible descriptions that describe each outfit. Regarding gender customization, most baby care applications on the App Store today do offer this option, however, real life does not. Therefore, to solve this problem, I propose that there be 2 modes. In random mode, only the start button would be visible, while in regular mode, the player could choose whether they want a boy or a girl. Or, we could ditch random mode, as I think most players will want the gender choice. 5. There have been requests for mini games to play with the baby as well. These include peak a boo, and some way to teach the baby to walk and talk. I don't know how that would work, but peak a boo would be easy maybe. 6. And finally, there has been a request for care actions having different VoiceOver gestures. For example, to rock the baby, move the device back and forth. To bathe the baby, maybe one or two finger swipes in a certain direction, and other swipes for feeding and playing and such.
Thank you so much for agreeing to help us with this mater. I hope this will help you with this project.
From all of us virtual baby lovers from AppleVis

Submitted by Ray Rucker on Tuesday, September 10, 2019

This sounds good. Yay!!

Submitted by John from Woodside Apps on Monday, September 16, 2019

Club AppleVis Member

I would prefer the first point of contact to be Hilary
So that the questions and suggestions go through some sort of filter and a consensus is formed
about the apps format.


Submitted by treky fan on Monday, September 16, 2019

I have a few ideas for things we could o with the baby. If the baby is fussy and doesn't need care, we could just put the baby in a swing or rock the baby to calm it down. f the baby doesn't like a certain kind of food, it could spit that food out and you'd have to try different foods until you found something it likes.

Submitted by Hilary Reed on Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Hi all. Yesterday, John from Woodside Apps stated that he would like me to filter our ideas, most likely so that we can get a fairly solid foundation for the app to get it started, so here’s the contact info. My email, used for most correspondences is hilarybethreed@gmail.com. You can contact me here on AppleVis, though I’m not as sure how that works, and finally there’s the Baby Care App ideas group on Facebook, which has a few members in it. Here’s the link for that group.
I regret that I do not have Twitter at this time. Have a great day.

Submitted by Hilary Reed on Friday, September 20, 2019

Hello all. So, I have been thinking about how things can be laid out, such as the home, as well as different locations within the game where the player can visit and explore. The house is nothing fancy, with a few rooms. These are the nursery, play room, bathroom, kitchen, and living room. Now, some of you may be asking why the house needs a living room, so here is my answer. A living room would provide a place where you could spend quality time with the baby, particularly if the baby is fussy. The kitchen, of course, is where the baby would be fed. The bathroom is where the baby would be given a bath, have the diapers changed, and possibly other tasks that we can talk about later. The play room is where the toys are kept, and where the player can go to play with the baby. Finally, the nursery is where the crib is, and we could buy mobiles and other toys for this room as well. That’s all I have for the house at this time. Now to talk about the other locations within the game. I propose that there should be a grocery store, a clothing store, And a toy store. a a pediatrician, a hospital, a park/playground, and possibly a furniture store. The grocery store would sell items like food, diapers, wipes, baby powder, baby lotion, shampoo, soap, and sponges, wash cloths, etc. The clothing store would sell all of the different outfits, including onesies, footed sleep and play outfits, dresses, overalls, and whatever else we can come up with. The toy store is where you would get all of your rattles, balls, shapes, musical toys including music boxes and baby pianos/keyboards, and stuffed animals, as well as cars and other toys. The pediatrician is where we take the baby for checkups and to treat illness. The hospital is where you go if the baby has an emergency of some kind. The playground/ park is where you can take the baby for a walk. And the furniture store is where you get all of the furniture for the house, including baby swing, items for the living room, nursery, bathroom, kitchen, and playroom. This is only a proposal, so let me know what you think. You can comment here on this forum, email me at hilarybethreed@gmail.com, or join the Facebook group entitled Baby Care App Ideas.

Submitted by Hilary Reed on Friday, September 27, 2019

Good day to you all. This morning, John and I discussed the beginnings of a possible layout for the game. I mentioned the rooms and locations I had in mind, as well as the prospect of using different gestures for different actions, as some of you expressed the desire to have a bit more work involved in taking care of the baby. His response was that people often have to be told what gestures to perform quite a few times in order to learn them. Let us know what you all think, whether or not this is an element that you all want to keep in the coding or not.
Thanks again.

Submitted by DMNagel on Friday, September 27, 2019

First off, this all sound super cool. However, I think we should work out all the activities first before we start thinking about the gestures.

Submitted by Roundhead on Friday, September 27, 2019

In reply to by treky fan

I would totally be up for that, though honestly I wouldn’t mind the game to have graphics as well as sound. But yes, I do love blindfold doggy and a baby care game with possible changes as the baby grows up into childhood would be awesome. Yeah we do have the x2line games but in my humble opinion it is a huge compliment to call them games. No interaction, time restrictions, and of course once you put a child to sleep you see it right there well awake on the screen and have to wait 4 silly minutes to do another action that has absolutely no effect on the child, just like the objects and toys you buy with the points are just sitting there. Oh and it’s ok not to feed your child for weeks then give it one thing and it will be super healthy again. Yep, we do need something worth being called a real game.

Submitted by Hilary Reed on Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Hello to all of my fellow virtual parents-to-be. I'm writing here today to provide a list of possible activities that can be performed with the baby. I know that some of you want different gestures to perform different activities, but let's get the activities down first, as someone above suggested. So, here's what we have. I've added one activity/item. We have: feeding, changing, rocking, playing using toys, dressing, bathing, shopping, and going for a walk. Going for a walk would require a stroller, at least in the early game stages, and going shopping would require the car seat. The concept behind this is that you place the baby in the stroller to go for a walk, pushing the stroller as you walk. Putting the baby into the car seat to go shopping. Or we could just use the stroller for shopping as well, walking to all of the different locations. Let me know what you think. I think the other activities are correct thus far.
Thanks :-)

Sounds great although If you can't shop until you have a carseat, then how do you buy the carseat? Other than that everything looks good. I also have more ideas, maybe have a yard in your house as well? That way you can play with the baby outside. Maybe have seasons and weather in the game too so you can play in the rain and snow, after getting the proper clothing for that of course. Maybe even be able to get one of those inflatable baby pools at some point to play in on hot days.

This next idea could be harder to do but I'll submit it anyway, maybe have multiplayer or NPC-s in the game you can meet around town who also have babies so you could have baby playdates.

Submitted by Paige on Wednesday, October 9, 2019

I love the idea of having seasons! It could add even more challenge to the game and make it more interesting. Also, I think the stroller should be used for walking and shopping. That way when you're walking and you pass a store, you can just choose to go in there and shop, or keep walking. Just to kind of merge the activities more, but that's just me.

Submitted by Paige on Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Sorry about double posting but I was just wondering if the Facebook group was used a lot′ I wasn't going to join, because I barely ever use Facebook, but if it's super active I might join because I'm really excited about this game.

Submitted by Hilary Reed on Thursday, October 10, 2019

Hi Paige,
the group isn't all that active. It receives posts anywhere between once a week and once every two weeks, as there are only I think maybe 5 of us including myself. So, joining isn't essential. you can post here or email me directly.

Submitted by DMNagel on Thursday, October 10, 2019

I think the carseat should be a free starting item. However, we should be able to upgrade it at the shop For example buying one with a different colour or perhaps just a bigger one. Just my thoughts.

Submitted by Naza on Monday, October 21, 2019

Hello everyone, wow. I haven’t written on here in such a long time. I love this thread though and the idea of getting a new virtual caring baby game. Fortunately I still have both My baby sim games as well as the baby adopter games, but having another virtual little guy would be amazing! I love all the ideas that have been suggested. It would be great if maybe the child could grow until the age of three so that we can also interact with a baby as a toddler that may be really fun but also difficult when the temper tantrums begin. Ha ha also I do talk to my virtual little guys but they obviously can’t hear me. If another game is developed it would be awesome that parents can actually talk to their kids and their babies can actually respond. Also even though we are all blind or visually impaired it is still important to still have an image of the baby because I’m one of those people who love posting pictures of the babies on social media. Ha hawed

Submitted by Naza on Monday, October 21, 2019

Most of my virtual little guys are boys. But of course I love the idea of being able to choose whether your baby is a boy or a girl. ☺️

Submitted by Naza on Monday, October 21, 2019

Another thing, if any of you want to contact me directly please email me at Nacomir@gmail.com. I do use Messenger and other social media but I don’t feel comfortable when people I don’t know in person contact me on there. Of course I trust all of you but unfortunately in this world there are a lot of people who are crazy so I really don’t like the idea of strangers contacting me on social media .

Submitted by treky fan on Friday, December 27, 2019

I know about two months ago, maybe three, somebody had mentioned that they found an app developer that was willing to help make our idea of a virtual baby game become reality. I was wondering if any progress has been made since there haven't been any updates to this page or the facebook group.

Submitted by Moopie Curran on Friday, December 27, 2019

I was wondering the same thing. I'd be more than willing to be a beta tester of such an app. It's about time we had a good baby sim app, because although the "my baby sim" app was very realistic, I didn't like the fact that you'd have to throw money at it to get a nanny for the baby. I think this app, if it ever comes to fruition should be realistic in the sense that you have to take care of the baby//toddler/kid, but you can close it and come back to it the next day. My baby sim you had to throw money at it so you could get a reasonable amount of sleep without killing the fake baby off.

Submitted by Naza on Friday, January 3, 2020

Hey everyone, I’m back. I keep not commenting on here because I keep getting signed off the website and then many times I forget my password to get back in it it’s pretty annoying. Anyway, the babies in the game didn’t die if he didn’t take care of them they would just get extremely sick. You know I actually do think it was pretty realistic to have to call the babysitter at night because you could either wake up and take care of the babies or hire a nanny so that you could sleep. However in real life as babies get older they can sleep through the night Usually so if in the new games if they ever develop one the babies sleep longer through the night as they get older that would be awesome. I actually do still play both my baby sim Game. Both games are still on my phone so I’ve still got two little guys to care for every single day and night.☺️

Submitted by Naza on Friday, January 3, 2020

In reply to by treky fan

I think it’s time we can get a virtual toddler? I mean I love babies and everything but I would also love to be able to take care of a toddler that can actually start to walk and talk and play with you and things.