looking for deals on Apple Watch series 4

Hardware and Accessories

Hi guys. This is kind of important. I'm looking for a discount on an Apple Watch series 4, used or refurbished. I don't want cellular. Why would I? I don't even have a SIM card. The refurbished one I can wear is out of stock. I need 40 mm. 44 mm is too big. Color and bands don't matter, except link bracelet. None of those if possible. If I have to get one, I have plenty of extra bands. I want it for 2 reasons, 1, my 21st birthday, and I want an Apple Watch to go with that pina colada. 2, noise, which is only available on series 4. My ears are my eyes, and if I lose them, I'm in trouble.



Submitted by Holger Fiallo on Friday, August 30, 2019

You might want to check amazon on deals for watch 4. I am planning to upgrate my watch 3. I will wait to see watch 5 is all about. I think is just about ceramic or titanium . Probably will get 4myself. I am thinking about cell or not myself. My current does not have it and depense on my iPhone.

Submitted by The Evil Chocolate Cookie on Saturday, August 31, 2019

There's another reason I need the best deal I can get. My new bank account is only about a month old, and as long as I looked for a more accessible bank, I don't want to get locked out for a huge purchase, followed by lunch or dinner.