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Hello all, I just want two simple jailbreak apps. I'm looking for a notification center toggle app for Wi-Fi, Blue Tooth, DND....ect. I've tried NC Settings, it isn't accessible, and I didn't care for SB settings. Any suggestions? Also, I'm just looking for a simple "kill All Apps" in the app switcher app. I don't need AuXO or other, "all in one"; I would just like two simple separate jailbreak apps for this. Suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thank you all. -Andrew-



Submitted by Joe on Tuesday, February 12, 2013

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I use something called kill all apps its a badge that sits in the task switcher double tap and hold like normal and there is a kill all button that appears.

Submitted by Joe on Tuesday, February 12, 2013

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I had another app called swipe away I think and it did the same thing but instead you just swiped down or up.

Submitted by Musicruz on Tuesday, February 12, 2013

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I got two recommendations for you. They have their own unique features, so it's up to you which one would satisfy your needs. First, it is called "Remove Background." This one allows you to kill all the apps inside the app switcher using any gesture you would prefer on the "activator." The unique feature of this one is it can set an exemption which apps you want to stay on the app switcher once you activate it. The next one is called "KillBackground." with this one, you have two ways you can kill the apps : it's either go to the app switcher, doeble tap and hold any apps, and then tap on the icon "kill Badge," or assign a gesture on the activator to trigger it. What I love about with KillBackground is when I use it with Activator. right after you do the gesture to kill the apps, it alerts you that all the apps has been killed, unlike with "remove Backgground," it does not do anything. it's just killled all the apps without any indications. Another great thing about those two is They are both have been updated and compatible with iOS 6. Regards, Musicruz

Thank you both! I appreciate the recommendations by both of you. Musicruz, I find the kill background most interesting as you have more than one method of attack. The fact it is IOS 6.1 ready is also a plus. I ask you, musicruz, because you really know your stuff, any recommendations for the notification center toggels? I'm at a loss. Also, have you ever tried the "hands-free control" app for SIRI on a previous JB? When it is updated I am curious if it will really do everything they say it does. Thank you. -Andrew-

Submitted by Dave Nason on Wednesday, February 13, 2013

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Hi Andrew. I'm currently using IntelliScreenX 6 for the settings toggles in Notification Centre. It does a lot of other things too, some of which you might want to disable, especially Messages+ as it's not as accessible as you might like, but it's a decent option for the settings. The toggles are clearly, though a little strangely labelled, but I've re-labelled them without a problem. The downside is that it costs $10, so if you can find a cheaper solution go with that!

Submitted by Musicruz on Wednesday, February 13, 2013

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First off, Thanks for the vote of confidence, Andrew. I really appreciated that. AS far of the hands-free-control, it really does work as they have promoted that. however that tweak is a huge battery sucker because the iPhone's mic is always active when its on. Lastly, Siri can not hear you anymore when you got your music playing, so across your room, it's hard to tell siri to change or stop the music from playing. Overall, I'm not a fan of it. in regards with the NC Toggle, that was a bit unclear to me why you want that. However, if you are only looking for some sort of toggle where you can switch your Wifi, Bluetooth, Cellular data or Airplane mode, you can do all of that using Activator with SB Setting. I know that you don't like SB setting for some reason: Perhaps,because the UI is not great with Voice Over. You don't have to use the SB Setting though. You just need that so that you can have all the toggles I've mentioned to show up on the Activator's action options. Afterward, You can create your customize menu where you can have those toggle and set any gestures to show them up. That's why I don't understand why some people keep getting different type of tweaks while you can already have those in a single tweak. Hopefully this answer helps, Musicruz

Have you found any of the siri Toggle,s to be any good? The ones I've tried have taken so long for a response, and most just restart my phone in safe mode after spinning and being unresponsive for several minutes. I haven't been impressed at all with them. Any luck on your side?

Submitted by Andrew on Wednesday, February 13, 2013

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Hello, I have not tried the SIRI toggels but after hearing what you have gone through with them, I probably won't. The "kill background" recommendation with activator is amazing! I love it. I'm going to try and look for a way to activate SIRI by just touching the screen, while my phone screen is unlocked, so I don't always have to press and hold the home button. If anyone knows of an add-on to activator to do this, that would be great! Musicruz, I now understand what you mean about SB settings with respect to activator, but I'm gonna hold out awhile longer, looking for an alternative solution before trying to configure all that again. I know that the activator will make things alot better with SB settings but that is still alot to remember, rather then just bringing up the notification center and tapping them on or off. Let me know if you guys find anything else interesting out there! I appreciaite all the comments from the community! -Andrew-

Submitted by Jdawg167 on Thursday, February 14, 2013

Hi everybody. I used to use something called oxo As my app switcher. This had all the settings, plus you can close all apps at once. You can get it free from a source that is not default but I'm warning you now, that's what I did and it crashed my springboard a few times. However, I had my device in safe mode so in the end it worked out okay. Anyways, I think it's the right fit for you. You can purchase it from a default source for a dollar 99 but personally I think it's worth it. Some may dispute this but for me, it is worth it. Now for my question. I heard some apps from big boss don't work. Is this true and would this apply to SB Settings? Thanks

Submitted by Musicruz on Thursday, February 14, 2013

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Andrew, Again, You can use activator to invoke Siri. This may not seem to obvious for some people to notice, but it is under the System Actions Heading you can find it, and it's called Virtual assistant. And from what you said that you had to remember bunch of shortcuts to toggles all the switches, I don't think you completely understood what I've said, so I would explain it differently. with all those toggles, you can put them in one menu, assign the menu on a single gesture, and you would have them on a single list where you can toggle them on or off. hopefully, this time I've cleared myself up and convinced you that you don't have to install seperate tweak for it. And for the another comment, in regards with Siri toggle, I have not check that one out since I updated to iOS 6, but I assume that itn't must have not updated yet. Because on iOS 5, Siri toggle was perfectly useful. Lastly, for the last commment about the Big Boss apps that don't work. That could probably true because of the two main factors: One, the developer may have abandoned the appp already; or two, some developers are still working on their apps to be compatible with the newly released iOS 6X. And for the Sb setting reference, I don't quite get that. I don't see the co-relation of the SB setting for some of the big boss apps that don't work. SB setting is working fine on iOS 6x. Regards, Musicruz

I wasn't aware of this. My description about the KillBackground on my previous comment is kinda outdated. I did not notice that on iOS 6X, the developer has added some new feature, which one of them is to set an exception which apps stay when you trigger the Killbackground. This setting can be found on your iDevice setting- most probably why I did not notice it because on iOS 5x I've never seen this. I sincerely apologize for the overlook on my part. Sincerely, Musicruz

Submitted by alex wallis on Thursday, February 14, 2013

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Hi Jdawg167, I always download tweaks for free to test for accessibility, then if they are accessible I always remove the old tweak completely and install the official paid version. I do this mostly because I have found official paid tweaks tend to be more stable than the pirated versions, but also because repositories that give out pirated versions usually don't have the latest updates to tweaks or take a while to get them. I use the legally purchased copy of auxo and have had no crashing issues myself, the developer has tweeted though that he is working on an update to improve stability. I would encourage people to pay for tweaks officially simply for better device stability, i'm not going to give a lecture about how piracy is wrong etc as I have a fairly relaxed attitude to it, but it benefits me to pay for the tweaks so I actually don't have a single pirated tweak on my phone.

Submitted by Andrew on Thursday, February 14, 2013

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Hey musicruz, I went into Activator and chose to assign the "personal assistant" to a double tap on the status bar anywhere on the I Phone. When I exited the application, there is no option to respring to make this action effective that I'm aware of, I attempted to double tap on the status bar anywhere, home screen, in an application and so on, but SIRI never comes up. I want to use this action to bring up SIRI instead of pressing and holding my home button, but it isn't seeming to work. Am I doing something wrong, or can you confirm that this is the case for you as well? Do I have to install some other tweek with activator to make this effective? I would Appreciate your insight. If anyone else knows the answer to this, be it operator error or something else, please share. Thank you. -Andrew-