Google Chrome on the Mac

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I recently downloaded Chrome after hearing so much about its speed. Can Chrome users tell me why they would use Chrome over Safari besides it being very responsive? Chrome lacks the Reader feature that I use a lot.


I Use These Interchangeably

I use Safari and Chrome interchangeably on my mid-2013 MBA, and like them both. I think I just made a bit of a discovery this morning, which may help some people. I and perhaps a few others couldn't get VoiceOver to work that well in Chrome. But as I was reading and editing a file in Google Docs for a business that a neighbor and I are starting, I discovered that if VO is set to speak characters when typing it works. It still doesn't seem to cooperate if it is set to echo back both characters and words though or just words. But I also have the latest build of Chromevox Classic, and like it.

Does Chrome still work?

I'm tired of Safari saying "busy" and thought I would try Chrome. Does it work better with High Siera than with older updates? Are there still some problems?


I use chrome for watching youtube, and that's about it. For me, running the latest version of MAcOS chrome works fine. It's not perfect, but it does what I want it to do.

It works for me fine here.

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It works for me fine here. Safari is really slow in webpages with flash. I use it to browse Amazon and watch YouTube videos. Even on my iPad Pro I switched to Chrome for very long time.

chrome for Facebook video and voice calls

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I use Chrome Canary for Facebook video and voice calls. Safari doesn't support them, and Firefox crashes. I am also beta testing macOS Catalina, and Chrome works well in spite of that.