Which Apps do you Think Should be on the Next Shortlist for Induction into our iOS App Hall of Fame?

Member of the AppleVis Editorial Team

It's nearly time for the AppleVis community to select the next inductee into our iOS App Hall of Fame, so we’re asking that you take just a moment to nominate any apps which you think should be on the shortlist.

As you should know, the Hall of Fame is where we showcase the apps which our community believes to be the best that the App Store has to offer and to acknowledge the hard work and commitment that developers have shown in ensuring that these apps are fully accessible to blind and low vision users.

In addition to simply being extremely good, there are 2 basic criteria which an app must meet to be eligible for nomination - it has to be fully accessible with VoiceOver and to have been available from the App Store for at least 3 months.

We're looking forward to seeing which apps you think should be on the shortlist, so please make your nominations now by submitting the form below.

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