Support Our Campaign To Improve NAVIGON Accessibility

Member of the AppleVis Editorial Team

In the time that it took for an update to download and install, NAVIGON went from being the first GPS app that VoiceOver users were likely to recommend, to being unusable.

Running NAVIGON 2.0 with VoiceOver seems to need more resources than older iDevices can muster, resulting in erratic and unresponsive behavior from the app. If you have anything other than an iPhone 4S, the chances are that simply trying to get NAVIGON to respond to a double-tap will have you throwing your iDevice at the nearest wall.

Even if you can get NAVIGON to work, there are now a number of controls that are inaccessible with VoiceOver. Some of these give access to core functionality of the app, effectively making this invisible to VoiceOver users.

Considering the large number of blind users who have invested a significant amount of time and money into the NAVIGON app, we have decided to start our next Campaign Of The Month earlier than anticipated.

So, please take just a few moments to visit our Campaign Of The Month page and send your message to NAVIGON, asking that they address these accessibility problems as a matter of some urgency (the form already contains a draft message that sets out the problems that were introduced in the latest update).

You can read more about the problems that people are experiencing with NAVIGON 2.0 in this blog post and the many replies.

Thanks to everybody who has already supported our campaign to improve the accessibility of Skype. The form is still available for those of you who haven't yet used it to send a message to the developers.