Campaign of the Month

Each month we select an iOS or Mac app that currently has accessibility issues for VoiceOver users, and ask you all to contact its developers and encourage them to improve VoiceOver support.

To make it easy for you to support our campaigns, we've created a nifty little form that will do most of the work for you. The form even includes a draft message that you can either use as it is, or edit to your own liking. When you are happy with the content of your message, simply click Submit and it will be mailed directly to the developer of the app.

The more people who support our efforts, the more likely it is that developers will take notice. So, please take just a few minutes to add your voice to our campaign.

Past Campaigns

  • July 2013: ESPN SportsCenter  (version 4.0.3 released in February 2014 with improved accessibility)
  • May/June 2013: Spotify
  • April 2013: Feedly
  • March 2013: Slacker Radio (version 4.0.163 released in April 2013 with improved accessibility)
  • January 2013: Soccer Scores Pro - FotMob
  • November 2012: Amazon Kindle (version 3.7 released in May 2013 has major accessibility improvements)
  • October 2012: Groupon (version 2.3 released in December 2012 iis accessible)
  • August 2012: CNN (version 1.8.4 released with accessibility improvements)
  • July 2012: Facebook (version 5.0 released with some accessibility improvements)
  • June 2012: Amtrak (now accessible)
  • April 2012: SiriusXM Internet Radio (most problems now fixed)
  • March 2012: Dragon Go!, Dragon Dictation and Dragon Search (Dragon Dictation now accessible)
  • February 2012: Starbucks (now accessible)
  • January 2012: Words With Friends
  • December 2011: Navigon (most problems now fixed)
  • November 2011: Skype (most problems now fixed)