Support our Campaign to get These 3 Nuance Apps Accessible Again: Dragon Go!, Dragon Dictation and Dragon Search

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In our latest campaign we turn our attention to three apps from Nuance; Dragon Go!, Dragon Dictation and Dragon Search.

Earlier versions of these apps were usable with VoiceOver, but recent updates have rendered all three inaccessible.

When you launch the latest versions of these apps VoiceOver effectively 'freezes' and will not respond to gestures. Nuance have also added a number of non-standard controls to the Settings pages, and these are not recognized by VoiceOver as buttons and do not indicate their current selection status.

Considering the added value that these apps can offer to blind users, along with Nuance's experience with developing software specifically for the blind, it is extremely disappointing that these apps are no longer accessible. Therefore, we are encouraging you all to support us in our efforts to have Nuance address the current problems as a matter of some urgency.

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