Support our Campaign to get Amtrak's iOS App Accessible to Blind Travellers

Member of the AppleVis Editorial Team

Anybody calling Amtrak's Customer Service in recent months is likely to have encountered a recorded message in which they were encouraged to use the company's iOS app.

According to this message, the app enables you to check the status and times of trains and buy tickets, meaning that there is no need to wait in a queue for your call to be answered. Or at least that is the case if you are sighted. Anybody who relies on VoiceOver will soon find themselves back in the queue, as these features of the app are not accessible.

Considering the large number of blind travellers who rely on public transport, this is extremely disappointing, and is why we have chosen Amtrak's iOS app to be the subject of our current Campaign of the Month. As with most of our past campaigns, we are encouraging Amtrak to make their app accessible to blind users as a matter of some urgency.

As always, the more of you who support our campaign, the more likely it is that the developers will take notice. So, please head over to the main Campaign of the Month page and add your voice.