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The number of people visiting the AppleVis website continues to grow each month. Naturally we are thrilled by this, but when combined with the additional features and resources that we've added over the past few months, it has placed an increasing strain on our current web hosting.

We have decided, therefore, to move the AppleVis website to a new server. This will remove some of the problems that we currently experience, and also allow us to ensure the future stability and scalability of the website.

The exact timing is not yet set, and the transition will depend on DNS server propagation. The transfer will likely begin in the next 24 to 36 hours. After the process begins, it could take 24-72 hours for you to see the site on the new server.

Please be patient with us as we make this major change.

In the meantime, we will leave the website open. Once the transition has begun, we will need to put the site into maintenance mode. There will be a notice posted on the site at its new hosting location so you can identify when the changes have propagated and you are being directed to the new server.

The upgrade to this new server is a significant commitment. As you should know, the AppleVis website is run by a small number of volunteers and receives no external funding or sponsorship. So, if you would like to support the maintenance and continued development of the AppleVis website, please consider making a donation.

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Submitted by David Goodwin👨‍🦯 on Thursday, February 9, 2012

Member of the AppleVis Editorial Team