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AppleVis is a community-based web site that is managed by a small number of volunteers. We do not have any external funding or sponsorship, so please consider making a donation to help support the maintenance and continued development of the AppleVis web site.

You can use the forms below to make a one-off donation or regular donations. These will be processed securely via PayPal.

We hope that making a donation will give you a warm and comforting glow from knowing that you are actively contributing to the success of the AppleVis web site.

Further down this page you will find information on how to financially support AppleVis with no additional cost to yourself.

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Other Ways to Help

There are a couple of other ways that you can financially support the continued development of the AppleVis website, and the good news is that neither has a direct cost to you!

The first way to help is to buy your iOS and Mac apps by following links displayed on this website. For each app that you purchase via these links, AppleVis will receive a small affiliate commission.

The links below will also generate commission if you make any purchases after clicking on it. This includes apps, music, audiobooks, eBooks and ringtones:

Visit the iTunes App Store

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Visit the iTunes Store to buy music, audiobooks and ringtones

We also have an affiliate account with, so if you are going to make a purchase from Amazon, please consider using the following link to go to their website:

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