Share Your Experiences Of The Accessories That You Use With Your iDevice

Member of the AppleVis Editorial Team

Following a number of requests, we have recently added a new section to the AppleVis site where people can post reviews of accessories that they use with their iDevices.

There are many sites that already offer reviews, but we believe that there are many instances where the insight and experience of a blind or vision-impaired user can offer a perspective not currently available elsewhere.

So, if Santa was nice to your iDevice this Holiday season, please consider posting a review to this new section. Of course, if you've had an accessory for some time, and think that it's so wonderful that everybody should know about it, a review is just as welcome <smile>.

Accessories that we are particularly keen to get reviews on include bluetooth keyboards, headsets, Braille devices, cases, external GPS receivers and speaker docks.

We hope you will find this latest addition to the site useful and interesting.