Fleksy Becomes the Latest Inductee into the AppleVis iOS App Hall of Fame

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Fleksy - Happy Typing has broken all records to become the latest inductee into our iOS App Hall of Fame.

It's 50% share of the vote was more than double that of its closest challenger. This should perhaps be no surprise for an app that has been variously described as "revolutionary", "ground-breaking", "amazing", "awesome" and "a game changer".

If you aren't familiar with Fleksy, it's an alternative text input system developed specifically for the vision-impaired. The predictive technology of the app is so smart than it can determine what you want to type even if you don't enter a single correct letter - just tap on the onscreen keyboard in the approximate location of the letters that you want, and let Fleksy do the rest.

You can hear David Woodbridge demonstrating Fleksy in this podcast, or simply download the free trial version of the app to test it for yourself.

Our congratulations go to all of the team at Syntellia, who we know work hard to develop Fleksy and support its users.

Fleksy is the 19th inductee into our Hall of Fame. The full list of inductees can be found on the main Hall of Fame page, where you can also vote for the 20th inductee and nominate any apps that you think are worthy of featuring in a future vote.

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#1 Congrats Fleksy!!

This is well deserved. The developers take great pride in their app. They are always responsive to their consumer, and they will always respond back. Great job Fleksy team.

#2 Unlurking

I have been lurking at AppleVis for months now, learning a ton but never signing up. But I had to sign up to say congrats to Fleksy! This app has completely changed the way I use my iPhone. I use it for so much more now and I am so grateful to Fleksy that I had to sign up and comment. Great choice for the Hall of Fame! A given really. Fleksy team, you ROCK! Thank you!!!

#3 Thank you

App Developer

On behalf of everyone in the Fleksy team, thanks for the nomination and recognition. We will keep working hard to make Fleksy even better. Thank you.