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22 January, 2018 Adventure To Fate : Battle Arena JRPG Fully Accessible Whoever put the mostly accessible rating is wrong. I admit, it was hard at first. But I got the hang of it. I’m on the frost arena now. No spoilers, but I will say this, the undead arena is very tricky
24 August, 2017 Adobe Acrobat Reader DC Mostly Accessible I used this app for awhile recently, and while I was able to eventually read some stuff with it the app could use some updating. For instance, I noticed that VoiceOver users cannot fill out forms. I discovered this upon receiving something via email from my landlords. They mentioned filling out a form and returning it back to them, but when I checked the form wasn't visible with VO. Hopefully this app has been updated since I used it.
25 May, 2018 AdGuard — adblock&privacy Fully Accessible No additional comments.
12 December, 2017 Actiview - Movie Access Fully Accessible I had no difficulties creating a logon, downloading content, and using this app.
11 December, 2017 Actiview - Movie Access Fully Accessible It is no longer necessary to connect to a theater's wireless network to use the app. I used it tonight with only my cellular connection, and it worked fine. It should also work when watching movies at home that are in the database. Audio Description files are stored on your phone and download very quickly. And the sync adjustment slider llows you to sync amplified audio exactly to the sound from the theater's speakers. I cannot recommend this app enough.
28 July, 2018 Accessible Minesweeper Fully Accessible No additional comments.
25 May, 2018 ABC listen Fully Accessible The ABC takes accessibility into consideration when designing their apps and websites.
16 November, 2019 ABBYY FineReader OCR Pro for Mac Fully Accessible No additional comments.
29 May, 2017 Aaptiv: #1 Audio Fitness App Mostly Accessible There are four unlabeled tabs at the bottom but that is an easy workaround. Everything else seems to be accessible say for rating the classes. But I am hoping that more visually impaired people will use this app and right into the developer as I have and as I will again to see if they can make rating the classes accessible as well this is a great audio on-demand app for the visually impaired.
30 July, 2019 A few minutes of glory Fully Accessible No additional comments.
12 December, 2017 1Password - Password Manager Fully Accessible No additional comments.