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Name Date App Name Accessibility Ratingsort descending Accessibility Comments
21 December, 2017 Idle Crafting Kingdom Fully Accessible This is a very accessible app and I highly recommend it.
23 September, 2017 Pocket Recorder Fully Accessible Pity it only records in M4a.
4 July, 2018 Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind Fully Accessible No additional comments.
23 December, 2017 My Cricket Fully Accessible No additional comments.
7 March, 2018 Microsoft Soundscape Fully Accessible The app is best in walking.
4 February, 2018 Blindfold Color Crush Fully Accessible Like all of the other games in the Blindfold Games series, this game is completely accessible.
6 April, 2018 Habitica: Gamified Taskmanager Fully Accessible No additional comments.
18 April, 2018 Headspace: Meditation & Sleep Fully Accessible As of the April, 16, 2018 update, this app is fully accessible to VoiceOver users.
15 December, 2017 Seeing AI Fully Accessible No additional comments.
28 November, 2017 Blindfold Song Name Fully Accessible No additional comments.
16 July, 2019 Fing - Network Scanner Fully Accessible works perfict with voice over
21 December, 2017 Seeing AI Fully Accessible No additional comments.
18 November, 2019 Instacart Fully Accessible It's been about a year since I used the app, but I was very happy with it. It was totally accessible and I could prepare and submit my grocery order with a local store entirely independently. Awesome. The only reason I haven't used it more recently is I haven't had an urgent need lately for grocery delivery.
6 October, 2019 Dolby On: Record Audio & Video Fully Accessible app has some buttons with strange label, "ic back chevron"
19 June, 2017 Dark Defender Fully Accessible Very usable without VoiceOver. Fun to play, too.
12 October, 2017 Twitterrific 5 for Twitter Fully Accessible The new version of Twitterrific for Mac is awesome! It is now fully accessible using VoiceOver.
26 March, 2019 Seedship Fully Accessible No additional comments.
17 May, 2017 ParcelTrack - Package Tracker Fully Accessible I've been using this app now for 2 years at the premium level and absolutely love it.
1 March, 2018 TED Fully Accessible Quite accessible; the developers are continuing to make it more accessible all the time.
29 November, 2018 Weather Gods Fully Accessible I just got this app for my iPhone, and had a brief look at it. Everything is clearly labeled for VoiceOver, and I love the sounds. This app will certainly come in handy.
14 July, 2019 FEER Fully Accessible No additional comments.
11 January, 2019 Timecrest: The Door Fully Accessible The app developers have bent over backwards to make this easy to use.
19 May, 2018 Ears Travel Cards Fully Accessible This game, like the others the developer has made is fully accessible.
19 August, 2017 Blindfold Sound Search Fully Accessible No additional comments.
21 May, 2018 Hosted Games Fully Accessible Works great!