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19 August, 2019 Spotify: Music and Podcasts Fully Accessible Every button is labelled correctly for me. I am using iOS 12.4 on an iPad Air 2.
9 August, 2019 Spotify: Music and Podcasts Mostly Accessible As of the latest update some of the options for your home screen just say button they are not labeled.
14 November, 2018 Spotify: Music and Podcasts Partially Accessible No additional comments.
5 February, 2020 Spotify: Music and Podcasts Fully Accessible A handful of unlabeled buttons, but all of them that I have come across so far were either obvious in their usage or unimportant.
24 October, 2019 Spotify Stations Fully Accessible When you search for an artist to start a station, and you click on that artist's name, I believe that artist is already selected. So then you can see similar artists, and double tapping on them selects them to add to the station. It isn't clear what is selected, but I think if you double tap the original artist you searhed for, that may unselect it.
22 October, 2019 Spotify Stations Fully Accessible No additional comments.
14 May, 2017 Speedtest by Ookla Fully Accessible No additional comments.
16 September, 2017 Speed-Up for ITunes Fully Accessible I saw this app mentioned on here a couple days ago, so I thought I'd try it out so earlier today I grabbed myself a copy. First off, this app is actually free with in-app purchases. Whether or not I'll get some or all of these remains to be seen, but thus far I like the app. The interface is nice and clean, and all controls are clearly labeled. I am currently listening to some music on the slowest speed, and definitely notice a difference. Great job by this developer!
22 June, 2017 Speech Central: Voice Reader Fully Accessible This app is very accessible. You can contact the developper if you have any issue. He's very friendly. You can also look at mac and windows versions of this app.
16 February, 2019 Speaking Email - voice reader Inaccessible Using the current version of iOS, version 12.something, this app is completely inaccessible. The only thing I could do was browse the welcome screen. Beyond that nothing worked, the "Get Started" button on the welcome screen didn't work or respond, so the welcome screen could not be dismissed, so the app could not be used.
22 June, 2019 Sonarium Fully Accessible The game-play is not conventional, as it uses a "virtual joystick". Once the concept of this is grasped, though, I think it's fully accessible and playable.
1 August, 2017 Snapchat Partially Accessible It's much, much better than it used to be (I.E totally inaccessible) but it's still far from perfect.
15 May, 2019 Smart Chef Smart Food Scale Partially Accessible The talking scale feature can be accessed and controlled using Siri shortcut commands. As for VoiceOver Accessibility, the app is difficult to navigate and many areas are not accessible at all.
1 May, 2018 Sleep Watch by Bodymatter Partially Accessible I can't accept the term and condition, very fastrated.
22 January, 2018 Sleep Machine Mostly Accessible A few buttons are not labelled. Also, the buttons at the bottom have strange names like bot set, which brings up settings, bot favorites, and bot more. There is one button at the top that I cannot discern its function, when pressed, Voiceover simply announces, 'selected'. Also, visually, there appears to be another button to the left of this one at the top. It looks like a button, but I don't have enough vision to read if there is a label, or to discern what the graphic is. Voiceover will not navigate to this either with flicking or exploring. It is also possible to get trapped inside the alarm clock screen. A two finger scrub will not navigate you out of it, and there is a back button that sometimes disappears. When this happens, the only solution I've found is to close the app, and re-launch it. As a whole though, it is usable. It is possible to select the sounds, hear what each one does, then make a choice. It's possible to adjust the volume, and go in and adjust the stereo balance. It's possible to save your mixes in favorites, and load up new ones, etc. It just has a few problems, but overall, a very good app.
17 January, 2019 Skyscanner Travel Deals Partially Accessible I find many important elements to be completely inaccessible. The flight search used to work pretty well a few versions ago. But as of the latest release, I am for example no longer able to change how many travelers I would like to search for (it keeps defaulting to one adult plus one child, which simply never applies to me). Neither do I find the search results to be that accessible anymore either.
15 July, 2017 Skype for iPhone Fully Accessible Version 8.2 fixed all of the crytical accessibility issues introduced in 8.1. There are still no longer any actions in the rotor, but other than that flicking is more consistent, the chat box is properly tracked and there aren't any unlabeled controls.
4 July, 2018 Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind Fully Accessible This new game is even more accessible than King of Dragon Pass. There are descriptions of the pictures which I find really awesome...
28 June, 2018 Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind Fully Accessible No additional comments.
1 July, 2018 Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind Fully Accessible No additional comments.
4 July, 2018 Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind Fully Accessible No additional comments.
30 June, 2018 Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind Fully Accessible See for some accessibility hints.
30 June, 2018 Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind Fully Accessible No additional comments.
28 June, 2018 Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind Fully Accessible I've just begun digging into this game and will have a lengthy review after playing for a while. However, it's already clear that the work done on making this game accessible to blind players surpasses that done for King of Dragon Pass. This is truly a treasure of accessible games.
29 June, 2018 Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind Fully Accessible No additional comments.