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12 December, 2019 Deezer: Music & Podcast Player Mostly Accessible İ did not find an accessibility problem,but i guess someone did. İ wanted to post about deezer,but i’m not good at links
9 December, 2019 Decision Fiction Partially Accessible Significant amount of unlabeled/badly labeled controls.
8 May, 2019 Dark Sky Weather Partially Accessible It's a long, long time since Dark Sky was close to being fully accessible; and unfortunately the developers have also long since given up on caring. Here are just some of the problems: There are buttons below the list of forecasts for upcoming hours which toggles what data is shown in those hourly forecasts. These buttons are invisible to VoiceOver, meaning that you are unable to access much of the weather data available in the app. If you double-tap on a day, hourly forecasts for that day are revealed on the screen. This is also completely invisible to VoiceOver, meaning that you can only access hourly forecasts for the current day (but, see above to be reminded of of how you are only getting limited access). Moving focus through the main window is horribly unreliable, particularly if you do double-tap on a day. On the notifications tab, a number of the available options are invisible to VoiceOver. And, let's close with something else invisible to VoiceOver, and that's two of the four tabs along the bottom of the app window. Yes, there are four, even though VoiceOver only finds two - weather and notifications. Okay, the tabs for weather maps and reporting the local weather aren't a big miss for me. But, making all tabs on a tab menu accessible must surely be quite low hanging fruit when it comes to VoiceOver support. If the developers don't even care about this ... well, it's a pretty good indication of where VoiceOver support fits on their roadmap. It doesn't! And, yes, they have been told about these problems. This app currently being rated on here as fully accessible is seriously off the mark.
18 April, 2017 Dark Sky Weather Fully Accessible Although the app is fully accessible and the developer constantly makes VoiceOver improvements to the app. The interface can be confusing to use and not as straight forward as one would expect. Regardless, a must has if you like to receive notification of when precipitation is about to start and end. A must has for those weather buffs.
19 June, 2017 Dark Defender Fully Accessible No additional comments.
24 June, 2017 Dark Defender Fully Accessible I just grabbed a copy of this game today from the developer's website and played a round. I didn't do so well, but that will change over time. The developer's website works great with VoiceOver on my MacBook Air. Once the web option for speech was selected, I turned VoiceOver off and the game worked perfectly. I love the sounds, and the help documentation is great. Some parts of the game aren't yet available, but I'm sure these guys are working on that. But for beta software this is very good.
19 June, 2017 Dark Defender Fully Accessible Very usable without VoiceOver. Fun to play, too.
22 August, 2019 Dabel: Live Audio Meetups Fully Accessible No additional comments.
8 August, 2017 Cyclepath Fully Accessible No additional comments.
14 September, 2019 Cyclepath Fully Accessible In order to drive the bike using the arrow keys, you have to turn off quick nav. To do this, press the left and right arrow keys at the same time. This toggles quick nav on, or off. Turn it back on to see your stats when you’re done the game.
18 December, 2017 Cyclepath Fully Accessible No additional comments.
28 August, 2017 Cupcakes! Bake & Decorate Fully Accessible Need to learn some gestures (make a spreading motion with your finger to spread frosting and decorations, move finger in a circle in the bowl to mix, drag ingredients by holding them until they are in the bowl) but these can be done with VO the same way someone else would do it.
3 June, 2017 Creatures Such As We Fully Accessible No additional comments.
3 June, 2017 Creatures Such As We Fully Accessible Haven't got it yet, but I definitely know from playing other COG games, it is accessible.
13 January, 2020 Convert Audio Mostly Accessible There are one or two buttons that do not have labels. Other than this the app works great!
22 April, 2017 Coconut Battery Fully Accessible I also used this app recently when native support for the battery notification was broken. The app is fully accessible with VoiceOver, and you can't beat the price. I still have the app on my system, just in case I need it again. I also like the name.
7 February, 2019 Clew Fully Accessible I just obtained this app earlier today. No problems setting it up and configuring it. I tested it in my own apartment a couple of times, and it worked great. Haven't tried it out anywhere else yet but very simple layout.
12 October, 2017 Classic Lemonade Stand Fully Accessible No additional comments.
11 May, 2020 City of Blood - World Crime RPG Fully Accessible This game seems to be very compatible with voiceover. I had absolutely no trouble getting around the screen
17 August, 2019 Circus Master’s Revenge Fully Accessible No additional comments.
16 August, 2019 Circus Master’s Revenge Fully Accessible This game has revolutionnice the games for the blind people.
11 December, 2019 Circus Master’s Revenge Fully Accessible Awesome
23 October, 2018 Chewy - Where Pet Lovers Shop Fully Accessible This app is so easy to use and look for things. To me, it's easier to find stuff in the app than on the web site. I highly recommend it!
30 April, 2018 Chewy - Where Pet Lovers Shop Mostly Accessible Try trying to login with your username and password. Have fun trying to locate the edit field to do this. VoiceOver will not stay focused on the edit field for username and then the e-mail address ends up entered incorrectly even if you have entered it in correctly.
12 May, 2017 ChangeReaction Fully Accessible Works perfectly without voiceover. I just wish I could interrupt the repetitive speech and move on sometimes. Other than that I'm addicted.