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21 December, 2017 Duolingo Fully Accessible No additional comments.
24 July, 2018 Duolingo Mostly Accessible Most page elements are well labeled, and most of those that aren’t can be figured out by tapping around. However, the thing which has proved baffling to me lately is the apparent lack of a Comment or Submit button in the chatting feature in Clubs when trying to write a comment on a post.
4 November, 2017 Duolingo Partially Accessible accessibility varies with each update; many core functions rely on visual cues alone; developer not responsive to feedback; accessibility issues on both desktop and mobile sites
25 August, 2018 Duolingo Mostly Accessible In the latest version, you can know if you have learned a skill when you reach level 1. The next skill will be unlocked after this point
15 November, 2019 Duolingo Fully Accessible very well done. All buttons are properly labled and the lessons are accessible. I recommend everyone give this a try for language learning
29 August, 2018 Duolingo Partially Accessible Mostly accessible with voiceover but my problem is is that when I needed to go to the next level it told me to select fruits or objects and that’s one part that’s not accessible and there are buttons that are not labeled for voiceover users. Also I had trouble replying to people’s messages and comments.
10 May, 2020 Drafts Fully Accessible Pretty good. I don't like that you can't even edit actions without paying, but the standard ones aren't bad.
10 December, 2017 Downtown Mafia: Gang Wars Game Fully Accessible No additional comments.
27 December, 2017 Downie Fully Accessible No additional comments.
19 March, 2020 Downcast Fully Accessible No additional comments.
28 February, 2018 Downcast Fully Accessible This app is so close to being fully accessible that it can be considered a very good example of accessibility. However, the developer has broken the accessibility a few times in the past.
16 December, 2017 Dolphin EasyReader Fully Accessible No additional comments.
13 November, 2018 Dolphin EasyReader Fully Accessible I just downloaded this app yesterday, after reading great things about it. The app is easy to use, just as the name suggests. The interface is very nice. I only had time to read through part of a book yesterday, but I really appreciate the wide array of content that is available to us from within the app. Registration upon downloading the app was very straightforward. Thank you Dolphin for giving us EasyReader for free!
5 July, 2017 Dolphin EasyReader Fully Accessible Everything is labeled and works very easily and as simply as possible. Thoughtful design. The only minor issue is that sometimes when a button is pressed, focus is not placed automatically within the window that has popped up, so you'll have to locate the pop-up by touch, then it all works great with either gestures or keyboard control. I am impressed it is the only flaw in this early version release.
21 March, 2020 Dolby On: Record Audio & Video Mostly Accessible When you go live, you can’t tell which camera the livestream is on. For example, I can’t tell whether it is on front or back facing.
6 October, 2019 Dolby On: Record Audio & Video Fully Accessible app has some buttons with strange label, "ic back chevron"
15 November, 2019 Disney plus Mostly Accessible No additional comments.
2 December, 2019 Disney plus Mostly Accessible Disney + is a fantastic app, but there are just a few things that seem difficult. The main thing is that when something is playing, the controls for playback disappear very quickly. This makes it very hard to access buttons on the screen, as it takes longer to find these buttons using a screen reader. I find personally, that my apple watch comes in very helpful, as there are several buttons that can be accessed while a show is playing including a 10 second rewind, 10 second fast forward, and a play/pause button. ,a helpful suggestion for developers would be to either incorporate a hide/show controls button on the screen, similar to hulu, or just display the controls for 10 to 15 seconds at a time. For users with a watch, it may be easier to control your playback with the controls on the watch. However, every time you press the rewind or fast forward button, the screen reader will announce your playback position. To avoid this, you can turn the screen reader off, or just turn off speech output. Without a watch, I recommend learning the spacial layout of the screen, perhaps with the help of a sighted person, and then use the controls without voiceover.
13 November, 2019 Disney plus Fully Accessible Fully accessible as far as I can tell.
12 November, 2019 Disney plus Fully Accessible No additional comments.
13 January, 2020 Discord Mostly Accessible No additional comments.
1 March, 2018 Diced - Puzzle Dice Game Fully Accessible The game is very simple and accessible.
14 June, 2017 Diced - Puzzle Dice Game Fully Accessible No additional comments.
12 May, 2017 Dice World Fully Accessible This game is fantastic in terms of accessibility! The only thing that doesn't seem to be accessible is tutorial pop-ups, but apart from that everything is fully accessible
10 October, 2018 Dice World Mostly Accessible Almost totally accessible. The only hangup I found was the dice picker in Settings. No way to close with VO.