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23 May, 2019 Mobile aquarium Mostly Accessible Most buttons are clearly labeled, for the rest you can just tap to see what they do then label them yourself. Although I haven't figured out how to put hats on the fish yet. I've only had them for not even a full day though so maybe I have to wait until they get bigger? We'll see.
16 May, 2019 Bose connect Fully Accessible From what I can tell, the latest update has fixed my last big remaining bug, Voiceover getting stuck after flicking to the, "About," button. In addition, recent updates have addressed poor labeling of settings and buttons, and product selection is better defined.
15 May, 2019 Landlord Tycoon Partially Accessible Not all parts of the game can be played. Newly added features (like the „Buy Map“ part) simply don‘t work with VoiceOver. Also, in many areas, VoiceOver reads elements in a confusing order (it would in many instances first read multiple labels and then read multiple values, leaving it up to the user to figure out which value corresponds to which label. In list views, VoiceOver keeps changing the order in which elements are presented, sometimes skipping information altogether. So yes, there‘s definitely room for improvement here.
15 May, 2019 Smart Chef Smart Food Scale Partially Accessible The talking scale feature can be accessed and controlled using Siri shortcut commands. As for VoiceOver Accessibility, the app is difficult to navigate and many areas are not accessible at all.
14 May, 2019 Timecrest: The Door Fully Accessible No additional comments.
8 May, 2019 Dark Sky Weather Partially Accessible It's a long, long time since Dark Sky was close to being fully accessible; and unfortunately the developers have also long since given up on caring. Here are just some of the problems: There are buttons below the list of forecasts for upcoming hours which toggles what data is shown in those hourly forecasts. These buttons are invisible to VoiceOver, meaning that you are unable to access much of the weather data available in the app. If you double-tap on a day, hourly forecasts for that day are revealed on the screen. This is also completely invisible to VoiceOver, meaning that you can only access hourly forecasts for the current day (but, see above to be reminded of of how you are only getting limited access). Moving focus through the main window is horribly unreliable, particularly if you do double-tap on a day. On the notifications tab, a number of the available options are invisible to VoiceOver. And, let's close with something else invisible to VoiceOver, and that's two of the four tabs along the bottom of the app window. Yes, there are four, even though VoiceOver only finds two - weather and notifications. Okay, the tabs for weather maps and reporting the local weather aren't a big miss for me. But, making all tabs on a tab menu accessible must surely be quite low hanging fruit when it comes to VoiceOver support. If the developers don't even care about this ... well, it's a pretty good indication of where VoiceOver support fits on their roadmap. It doesn't! And, yes, they have been told about these problems. This app currently being rated on here as fully accessible is seriously off the mark.
4 May, 2019 Be My Eyes Fully Accessible Perfection; couldn't be any easier or more accessible
29 April, 2019 Landlord Tycoon Fully Accessible There are a few unlabeled buttons in the marketplace, but nothing that prevents you from playing. I figured out that they are filters for the properties in the market.
28 April, 2019 Nearby Explorer Fully Accessible No additional comments.
27 April, 2019 Microsoft Soundscape Fully Accessible No additional comments.
26 April, 2019 Sweatcoin - It Pays To Walk Partially Accessible No additional comments.
18 April, 2019 Overcast Fully Accessible No additional comments.
11 April, 2019 Subwords Fully Accessible Although this app is accessible with VoiceOver, I'e noticed that VoiceOver can sometimes lag and focus can jump.
11 April, 2019 Grubhub: Local Food Delivery Mostly Accessible That this developer doesn't seem inclined to resolve accessibility issues makes me want to look at other options. I prefer not to encourage the lack of making apps fully accessible by not patronizing those apps and developers that show a distinct lack of consideration by not addressing their accessibility problems.
8 April, 2019 Game World: Play With Friends Fully Accessible No additional comments.
8 April, 2019 Etsy – Shop special, every day Fully Accessible No additional comments.
4 April, 2019 Boxed: Bulk Quality Essentials Mostly Accessible There are numerous buttons on the home screen that are dimmed out for Voiceover users. Also, when you select an item, through search or otherwise, there is a section that says something like "other people bought" with a list of things after it. None of those are accessible. Also, every item has some heart button. What is it? While I would say this app is overall accessible, I do not agree at all that it is fully accessible and easy to navigate and use.
2 April, 2019 Voice Dream Scanner Fully Accessible No additional comments.
28 March, 2019 Cash Reader: Bill Identifier Fully Accessible No additional comments.
26 March, 2019 Seedship Fully Accessible No additional comments.
17 March, 2019 Habitica: Gamified Taskmanager Mostly Accessible This app is mostly accessible in that all controls that I have encountered so far are properly labeled and recognizable. However, a few things to note: the avatar setup was very confusing, so I had to ask a sighted person for assistance, moving past the setup screen with display name and username settings was impossible with VO, and it is impossible to move to other tabs of the app from the to-do tab.
8 March, 2019 BlindSquare Fully Accessible AS this app is intended for blind users, it's very accessible with VoiceOver. Particularly noteworthy are its features to listen to previous announcements and its support for braille displays, which would be beneficial to deafblind users.
5 March, 2019 Grab App Fully Accessible The app is very much accessible to VO, however there some unlabeled buttons which can be easily delt with
24 February, 2019 MiniWiki Fully Accessible No additional comments.
21 February, 2019 LetSeeApp Fully Accessible No additional comments.