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15 May, 2019 Landlord Tycoon Partially Accessible Not all parts of the game can be played. Newly added features (like the „Buy Map“ part) simply don‘t work with VoiceOver. Also, in many areas, VoiceOver reads elements in a confusing order (it would in many instances first read multiple labels and then read multiple values, leaving it up to the user to figure out which value corresponds to which label. In list views, VoiceOver keeps changing the order in which elements are presented, sometimes skipping information altogether. So yes, there‘s definitely room for improvement here.
20 August, 2019 Texas Hold’em Partially Accessible With my iPhone 8 with iOs 12 it is imposible to know the comunitary cards.
14 November, 2018 Spotify: Music and Podcasts Partially Accessible No additional comments.
19 December, 2018 Broadcastify Partially Accessible The rating that was posted on here is incorrect. The buttons for controlling the player are not labeled as of the latest update.
29 August, 2018 Duolingo Partially Accessible Mostly accessible with voiceover but my problem is is that when I needed to go to the next level it told me to select fruits or objects and that’s one part that’s not accessible and there are buttons that are not labeled for voiceover users. Also I had trouble replying to people’s messages and comments.
8 May, 2019 Dark Sky Weather Partially Accessible It's a long, long time since Dark Sky was close to being fully accessible; and unfortunately the developers have also long since given up on caring. Here are just some of the problems: There are buttons below the list of forecasts for upcoming hours which toggles what data is shown in those hourly forecasts. These buttons are invisible to VoiceOver, meaning that you are unable to access much of the weather data available in the app. If you double-tap on a day, hourly forecasts for that day are revealed on the screen. This is also completely invisible to VoiceOver, meaning that you can only access hourly forecasts for the current day (but, see above to be reminded of of how you are only getting limited access). Moving focus through the main window is horribly unreliable, particularly if you do double-tap on a day. On the notifications tab, a number of the available options are invisible to VoiceOver. And, let's close with something else invisible to VoiceOver, and that's two of the four tabs along the bottom of the app window. Yes, there are four, even though VoiceOver only finds two - weather and notifications. Okay, the tabs for weather maps and reporting the local weather aren't a big miss for me. But, making all tabs on a tab menu accessible must surely be quite low hanging fruit when it comes to VoiceOver support. If the developers don't even care about this ... well, it's a pretty good indication of where VoiceOver support fits on their roadmap. It doesn't! And, yes, they have been told about these problems. This app currently being rated on here as fully accessible is seriously off the mark.
24 November, 2018 Audio Game Hub Mostly Accessible Although this app is good, I cannot do the ends and play the games one time for free. I don’t know what happened, but whenever I turn on voiceover, and the game boys says the tap anywhere on the screen to close the add, I can’t. This might need to be fixed, so that others can experiment with the games before trying to buy them if they like them.
24 November, 2019 Jw Library Mostly Accessible The accessibility has improved since version 11.0, please check it out :)
15 November, 2019 Disney plus Mostly Accessible No additional comments.
24 August, 2017 Adobe Acrobat Reader DC Mostly Accessible I used this app for awhile recently, and while I was able to eventually read some stuff with it the app could use some updating. For instance, I noticed that VoiceOver users cannot fill out forms. I discovered this upon receiving something via email from my landlords. They mentioned filling out a form and returning it back to them, but when I checked the form wasn't visible with VO. Hopefully this app has been updated since I used it.
16 April, 2017 iCatcher! Podcast Player Mostly Accessible must concur with the original poster. It is almost fully accessible. As I have also seen that the three buttons mentioned of the All, New, and Playable are not being displayed or heard by VoiceOver of which are selected. You can only select one of these at a time and it is not possible to know which is selected by VoiceOver. Besides this minor element problem everything else works great.
28 April, 2020 Galactic Colonies Mostly Accessible No additional comments.
18 May, 2017 CBN Radio - Christian Music Mostly Accessible The station selection process is much easier if you switch to list mode; the problem is the place to do that is near the top of the app and was a bit difficult to find. If you do locate it, however, the selection of stations is quite easy as they simply appear in a list that is easy to navigate.
1 December, 2019 BitLife Mostly Accessible No additional comments.
8 May, 2017 Facebook Mostly Accessible No additional comments.
4 August, 2018 Libby, by OverDrive Mostly Accessible Really easy to navigate the app. the navigation buttons are at the top of the screen. To browse through listings of books I simply switch the rotor to links and then flick through. I rated mostly accessible because I am not sure its fully accessible yet. I would like someone to confirm my rating or better it. Signing in was easy too. Took me less than ten minutes to figure the app out. It doesn't seem to speak automatically. But it read most if not all that was on the screen to me. And selecting and navigating seems fine.
11 January, 2019 Gmail - email from Google Mostly Accessible This app is over all, fully accessible. VoiceOver reports messages in the Inbox, Sent and other folders as expected. It even does a bit better in some areas of reading email than it does in the native Mail iOS app. However, it lags consistently when composing email, specifically there are significant lags in Braille Screen Input mode as well as being inconsistent when navigating by character, word, or line. VoiceOver sometimes reports the item(s) as they are navigated, and it does not report indication of new lines. You can not input new lines within Braille Screen Input.
25 November, 2019 WhatsApp Messenger Mostly Accessible No additional comments.
31 December, 2019 Sweatcoin - It Pays To Walk Mostly Accessible No additional comments.
19 October, 2018 Pillow Automatic Sleep Tracker Mostly Accessible Some unlabeled buttons in the sleep analysis reporting functions.
28 June, 2017 ListBook - Lists done right Mostly Accessible No additional comments.
13 January, 2020 Convert Audio Mostly Accessible There are one or two buttons that do not have labels. Other than this the app works great!
24 July, 2018 Duolingo Mostly Accessible Most page elements are well labeled, and most of those that aren’t can be figured out by tapping around. However, the thing which has proved baffling to me lately is the apparent lack of a Comment or Submit button in the chatting feature in Clubs when trying to write a comment on a post.
3 January, 2020 ProtonMail - Encrypted Email Mostly Accessible The application has evolved a lot since the test. The VoiceOver rotor now works. However, a big bug in the mail composer. It is indeed impossible to find the text field of the body of the message. I contacted protonmail, they told me that they were re-making the iOS application.
1 June, 2019 Facebook Mostly Accessible No additional comments.