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31 December, 2019 Sweatcoin - It Pays To Walk Mostly Accessible No additional comments.
13 January, 2020 Convert Audio Mostly Accessible There are one or two buttons that do not have labels. Other than this the app works great!
25 August, 2018 Duolingo Mostly Accessible In the latest version, you can know if you have learned a skill when you reach level 1. The next skill will be unlocked after this point
22 April, 2017 Vicks SmartTemp Thermometer Mostly Accessible No additional comments.
4 April, 2019 Boxed: Bulk Quality Essentials Mostly Accessible There are numerous buttons on the home screen that are dimmed out for Voiceover users. Also, when you select an item, through search or otherwise, there is a section that says something like "other people bought" with a list of things after it. None of those are accessible. Also, every item has some heart button. What is it? While I would say this app is overall accessible, I do not agree at all that it is fully accessible and easy to navigate and use.
17 August, 2019 BitLife Mostly Accessible No additional comments.
31 May, 2017 Facebook Mostly Accessible No additional comments.
22 January, 2018 Sleep Machine Mostly Accessible A few buttons are not labelled. Also, the buttons at the bottom have strange names like bot set, which brings up settings, bot favorites, and bot more. There is one button at the top that I cannot discern its function, when pressed, Voiceover simply announces, 'selected'. Also, visually, there appears to be another button to the left of this one at the top. It looks like a button, but I don't have enough vision to read if there is a label, or to discern what the graphic is. Voiceover will not navigate to this either with flicking or exploring. It is also possible to get trapped inside the alarm clock screen. A two finger scrub will not navigate you out of it, and there is a back button that sometimes disappears. When this happens, the only solution I've found is to close the app, and re-launch it. As a whole though, it is usable. It is possible to select the sounds, hear what each one does, then make a choice. It's possible to adjust the volume, and go in and adjust the stereo balance. It's possible to save your mixes in favorites, and load up new ones, etc. It just has a few problems, but overall, a very good app.
2 December, 2019 Disney plus Mostly Accessible Disney + is a fantastic app, but there are just a few things that seem difficult. The main thing is that when something is playing, the controls for playback disappear very quickly. This makes it very hard to access buttons on the screen, as it takes longer to find these buttons using a screen reader. I find personally, that my apple watch comes in very helpful, as there are several buttons that can be accessed while a show is playing including a 10 second rewind, 10 second fast forward, and a play/pause button. ,a helpful suggestion for developers would be to either incorporate a hide/show controls button on the screen, similar to hulu, or just display the controls for 10 to 15 seconds at a time. For users with a watch, it may be easier to control your playback with the controls on the watch. However, every time you press the rewind or fast forward button, the screen reader will announce your playback position. To avoid this, you can turn the screen reader off, or just turn off speech output. Without a watch, I recommend learning the spacial layout of the screen, perhaps with the help of a sighted person, and then use the controls without voiceover.
24 May, 2017 Bedtime Math Inaccessible VoiceOver went completely silent when I started this app. I couldn't get it to read anything on the screen. The only way I could get VoiceOver to work again was to close the app.
7 November, 2019 Lost Cities Inaccessible Was completely accessible until iOS 13. Dev had put a lot of work in to making this game, the best example of accessibility, and I recommended it to all iPhone users. Now it is broken, and I am very sad and frustrated.
29 October, 2017 Hulu: Stream TV shows & movies Inaccessible Though VoiceOver will read tabs at the bottom of the screen, and it can recognize some categories like Kids, Movies, etc, if you enter those sections, you are not able to go further because although text is read when you flick, the text is actually not recognized by moving your finger around the screen or when double tapping on it. Elements are not recognized by VoiceOver and so you cannot play any content because you are unable to select it.
29 April, 2018 Pacemaker - AI DJ app Inaccessible This is not really... accessible?
5 July, 2017 QuizUp™ Inaccessible I regret saying this, but this game doesn't meet my accessibility expectations. I expected this game to be more intuitive for VoiceOver users, but unfortunately this is not the case. In particular, I can't seem to find the Play button to answer questions from the category I've chosen. I think that the developers of this Trivia game should put more effort into making this game more pleasant for VoiceOver users because we desserve to play it as much as our sighted friends.
16 February, 2019 Speaking Email - voice reader Inaccessible Using the current version of iOS, version 12.something, this app is completely inaccessible. The only thing I could do was browse the welcome screen. Beyond that nothing worked, the "Get Started" button on the welcome screen didn't work or respond, so the welcome screen could not be dismissed, so the app could not be used.
7 February, 2020 Pocket Whip Inaccessible This is not accessable there are about 11 buttons not labeled
21 April, 2018 Pacemaker - AI DJ app Inaccessible Since this app has been added, the app is now completely inaccessible and the interface does not read at all.
13 November, 2019 Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Inaccessible The top bar of the main window is accessible, so you can see status, change settings and open help, but as far as I can see there's no way to reach any of the other panels, which makes the app critically inaccessible because you can't even initiate a scan or manage real-time protection.
7 June, 2018 Fing - Network Scanner Inaccessible The latest update removes most button labels, and makes the list of devices unusable; each item in the list is blank.
26 December, 2017 Little Ben, Haptic Feedback Inaccessible Ever since version 2.0 this app is completely inaccessible. You cannot do anything in the app and all you get is a blank screen on your watch. The iPhone app is working, but that is not sufficient because of the fact that this is a watch only app.
21 September, 2018 Boom: Music Player & Equalizer Inaccessible You can only see three different elements. They cannot be interacted with at all. I actually think they may just be different screens of the application.
22 June, 2019 Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Inaccessible Very disappointing. Very disappointing
28 April, 2017 Hero Zero – the game Inaccessible After checking this app for accessibility a few days agok I found that VoiceOver read nothing.
7 October, 2018 Telegram Messenger Inaccessible With the latest version 5.0, telegram has become completely inaccessible.
18 January, 2019 BARD Mobile Fully Accessible Just got this app earlier today and love it. I have an NLS player, but figured I'd try this app out and am glad I did. Everything is labeled clearly, and the on-board help documentation is very good.