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20 December, 2017 Seeing AI Fully Accessible Great! When they introduced it to me I was really impressed. Well done!
24 November, 2019 AudioWizards Fully Accessible This game is so good and really addicting the accessibility is on point thabk you again for the opportunity to be in the contest I’m so honored to be the one who won the contest
10 June, 2017 Blindfold Home Run Derby Fully Accessible No additional comments.
12 December, 2017 1Password - Password Manager Fully Accessible No additional comments.
30 July, 2019 A few minutes of glory Fully Accessible No additional comments.
17 July, 2019 Talking Typer Fully Accessible I remember using this in Windows, and probably the AppleII computer that my parents had. I just purchased the iOS version this morning, and have found it to be completely accessible with VoiceOver. The app is a lot of fun to use, as well as educational. Great documentation too!
28 February, 2018 Downcast Fully Accessible This app is so close to being fully accessible that it can be considered a very good example of accessibility. However, the developer has broken the accessibility a few times in the past.
3 June, 2017 Creatures Such As We Fully Accessible No additional comments.
16 December, 2018 Knight Commander Fully Accessible This is a wonderful game and very fun and easy to use. I love it!
8 May, 2017 Hokusai Audio Editor Fully Accessible This is completely accessible and you can do everything, and I mean EVERYTHING.
5 March, 2019 Grab App Fully Accessible The app is very much accessible to VO, however there some unlabeled buttons which can be easily delt with
2 October, 2018 FEER Fully Accessible No additional comments.
27 May, 2017 Timecrest: The Door Fully Accessible No additional comments.
23 October, 2018 Chewy - Where Pet Lovers Shop Fully Accessible This app is so easy to use and look for things. To me, it's easier to find stuff in the app than on the web site. I highly recommend it!
19 May, 2018 Ears Fortune Wheel Fully Accessible This game, like the others the developer has made, is completely accessible.
7 November, 2019 Blindfold Spades Fully Accessible I love playing this game. There are so many variations, each is explained in detail. It is therapeutic and addicting!
8 October, 2018 Pedometer++ Fully Accessible Works perfectly with VO! I really like this pedometer app.
11 December, 2019 ScripTalk Mobile Fully Accessible No additional comments.
16 December, 2017 Dolphin EasyReader Fully Accessible No additional comments.
22 December, 2018 MUDRammer - A Modern MUD Client Fully Accessible No additional comments.
19 May, 2018 Blackbox Fully Accessible This app is completely accessible. The interface and gameplay is deliberately designed to not be straightforward.
4 February, 2018 Blindfold Pyramid Tiles Fully Accessible Like all of the other games in the Blindfold Games series, this is completely accessible.
22 April, 2017 Battery Monitor Fully Accessible I used this app for awhile when the default system battery notification on my MacBook wasn't working with VoiceOver. This app is well worth the price. I especially like the fact that there is a checkbox for audible notifications of charge status. I highly recommend this app for those who want to know the percentage of charging from time to time, but cannot get this information reliably or at all just by looking at the screen.
12 December, 2018 Aira Fully Accessible No additional comments.
8 March, 2019 BlindSquare Fully Accessible AS this app is intended for blind users, it's very accessible with VoiceOver. Particularly noteworthy are its features to listen to previous announcements and its support for braille displays, which would be beneficial to deafblind users.