MacGourmet Deluxe


Description of App: 

A fully featured recipe database app enabling you to create recipes, meal plans, shopping lists and even ebooks of your favourite recipes. Allows importing of recipes from supported websites quickly and easily and has the ability to "clip" recipe text from existing documents or websites not supported by the app. Has comprehensive sorting and search functions and can sync with an accessible iPhone companion app. Also enables recipe sharing via email, blog posting and other methods. This app is designed for those who love cooking or collecting recipes and are serious about organising and collating them. The app has some very advanced features, such as creating calendar-integrated meal plans and is not for someone after a simple database with no frills. In saying that, it's probably the best Mac app in my collection and is well worth paying for if, like me, your passion is cooking and sharing recipes. 98% of the app is accessible and the parts that aren't, such as some unlabelled buttons, are either for very advanced users or can be labelled easily for OS X 10.7 Lion VoiceOver users. Someone who just wants to import/manually enter recipes and perform searches should have no trouble. Recipe importing is the easiest way to get your recipes into Mac Gourmet Deluxe, especially for beginning Mac users or to gain familiarity with the app before manually adding recipes. The importing process is straightforward and can be accomplished in several different ways, the simplest being to select the text of the recipe from start to finish and then "clipping" it by either performing a copy and paste into the "clippings" category in the app or via a keyboard shortcut attached to an option in the "Services" menu. The keyboard shortcuts for clipping recipes first need to be enabled in Safari, Mail, Text Edit, Pages etc and instructions for doing this are very well documented in the accompanying user guide for the app.



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Version Of macOS App Was Tested On: 

OS X 10.6/10.7

Accessibility Comments: 

The only caveat is that when first setting up the app after installation, you should use the "normal/mail" view for best accessibility rather than the "wide screen" view. Using the normal mode presents the app much like the Apple Mail app which most users will be familiar with. This means information is presented in columns and tables, and recipe text is presented in HTML format for easier navigation. This app has a wealth of keyboard shortcuts which are especially useful when importing recipes. Most functions can be accomplished through the menu system if not through keyboard shortcuts or on-screen buttons. There may be the occasional button that is not labelled, but this is easily remedied using VoiceOver's label function. All buttons do have help tags associated with them, so if you have the option enabled in VoiceOver, you will eventually hear the help text spoken which tells you each button's function for easier labelling. Many of the intuitive Mac shortcuts, such as Command I to bring up an information dialog about a recipe work well. Manually entering a recipe can seem a bit daunting at first but is mostly made up of tables, edit fields, combo boxes and check boxes, all familiar controls. However, edit fields from within a table, such as when typing an ingredient name, do require you to press VO Space twice to activate the edit cursor and combo boxes sometimes require a VO Space. (This will become intuitive once done a few times.) You may also find the last text you typed is spoken and automatically typed into the next edit field when in the ingredients table. Either delete this text or just keep typing. Mac Gourmet also learns over time which ingredients and measurement units you use and will try to intuitively enter this information for you once you start typing. This can be useful when entering a lot of ingredients to save time, but if you don't want the option presented to you, just keep typing. These quirks I've only found happen in the Ingredients table of the new recipe dialog. This is why I suggest importing a recipe first or downloading one of the freely available recipe sample databases until you get the hang of things.


There are some minor accessibility issues with this app, but they are easy to deal with.

Other Comments: 

This app is made by Mariner Software: Http:// And they are very responsive to user feedback. They're also advocates for accessibility and are keen to hear from VoiceOver users to help improve their apps. You can download a free trial and find more app info at