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Instabrowser is the fastest web browser for iPhone. Inspired by read-it-later apps like Instapaper and Readability, Instabrowser lets you read-it-now by downloading just the HTML of a page and mobilizing it into a clean, one-column layout. It can cut data usage and load times by 90% or more. It's great when you're on a slow 3G connection or viewing a webpage that doesn't have a mobile layout.

"If your priority is loading speed or minimal data usage, Instabrowser is what you're looking for." - Lifehacker How does it work? Instabrowser's mobilizer only downloads the HTML of a webpage. It then parses the HTML to strip out things that aren't content, like stylesheets and javascript. Finally, Instabrowser renders the content in a readable one-column layout. This cuts data use and results in pages loading super fast. If you need to view the original version of a webpage, like on websites that require javascript, you can toggle to it by tapping the lightning icon. In this case, Instabrowser will switch to using the same engine as Mobile Safari. You can quickly switch back and forth, giving you the best of both worlds. Finally, Instabrowser builds a Table of Contents for mobilized webpages. This lets you quickly jump to different parts of a webpage - like article titles or section headers. You can swipe left or tap the link icon at the bottom right to access this feature. Who is it for? Instabrowser was designed by a reader, for readers. All content is formatted into one easy-to-read column, and you can customize the font size and spacing. In addition, Instabrowser is great for users on the go, especially with older devices or slow connections, due to its blazing speed. Instabrowser is also great for VoiceOver users - in particular, the Table of Contents feature helps tremendously with navigation. Instabrowser was very positively reviewed by Dr. Robert Carter, a blind iPhone user. In short: if you browse the web on your iPhone, Instabrowser is for you. Other features 
  • Webpage caching. Webpages you've viewed will still be there for you, even if your internet connection isn't.
  • Accurate download readouts - you can tell exactly how fast your connection is.
  • Instabrowser works great even on very slow connections, making browsing on 2G networks like GPRS or EDGE possible.
  • Accessibility support. Instabrowser's mobilization engine and Table of Contents feature makes it great for visually impaired users.
  • Since Instabrowser can display the alt & title text of images, it's great for testing your website's accessibility (like for 508 compliance).
  • Unlimited Tabs!
  • All the other features you'd expect from a browser, like search autocompletion, history and bookmarks.



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Accessibility Comments

Since buying this app, I have to say that it is amazingly fast at loading web pages. Also its support for Voiceover made it all the more compeling to take the risk and see for myself how it works. I can see myself using it for when I'm in an area that doesn't have 3G coverage and it will be interesting to see how it saves on data usage. From a Voiceover stand point, All buttons appeared to be labeled. It is a simple app that is easy to use with out any complications of how to get from A to B. Just load up the browser and you'll be up and running in no time! The only things I have noticed with this app well there are two actually are: 1. No Voiceover sound to let the user know a page has been fully loaded. This isn't a big deal because it loads so fast anyway. I just thought it worth mentioning in case a new user was exspecting this to happen from a voiceover perspective. 2. When you want to go back a page, you have to find the back button at the bottom of the app and double tap this. What I miss from Safari is the two finger scrub back and forth gesture that accounts for the same action.However, apart from these two points I am really happy with the app. money well spent in my opinion. You can check out a review: The Tech Doctor Blog and Podcast where Robbert and Alison interviewed the developer of this app. It is how I found out about the app and it was interesting to listen too.

VoiceOver Performance

VoiceOver reads all page elements.

Button Labeling

All buttons are clearly labeled.


The app is fully accessible with VoiceOver and is easy to navigate and use.

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Submitted by Moses Gitari on Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Any latest experience with this app. Can it be a replacement for safari browser? Does the scrub gesture work? Is it possible to navigate web pages and articles by headings? are there indicators when a web page is loading?
Your response would be really appreciated.