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Thursday, February 13, 2020

Description of App

Part of what makes a great gift is timing. Now when you're on the go, you can order from the all new 1-800-FLOWERS Mobile Gift Center!

Download our free application to your iPhone today to shop anywhere, anytime, and find the perfect flowers and gifts including:

Birthday Gifts: Never miss that special day again. Faster than a phone call, your gift and good cheer will be on their way

Last-Minute Gifts: Order for same-day delivery directly from you mobile device.

Business Gifts: Send a gift from 1-800-FLOWERS before, immediately after, even during a meeting.
Romantic Gifts: Send flowers from the airport, the train, or any time your sweet someone crosses your mind.
Sympathy: Let them know they are in your thoughts during a difficult time.

Just Because: Flowers can brighten any one's day!

1-800-FLOWERS Mobile Gift Center features include:

  • Special selection of best selling flowers
  • Streamlined browsing and checkout process
  • Exclusive offers for our mobile users
  • Secure Checkout
  • One Click Service



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Apple Watch Support

Not Known

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iOS Version


Accessibility Comments

This is very disappointing. I was hoping to use this app to get my mother a nice Valentines day gift next month. I thought I'd check and see if they had an app. Sure enough, they did. Eagerly, I installed the app hoping for the best. Well, the best was quickly sucked out of me. This is one of those apps that I feel honestly if the developers could be given just a little push, I think it would, and could, work. It is so so close! the tabs across the bottom like in most apps read perfectly. I can flick through and see all the categories of flowers I can send, like, birthday, sympathy, anniversary, business, get well, etc. The problem is, double tapping any of them does absolutley nothing. There is a next and prev button up at the top of the screen which wasn't very intuitive. Turns out, there is a picture in the center of the screen, of the current product you'd be buying. Hitting the next and prev buttons cycle you through your choices. Some of them do read, but most don't when you flick and focus on the picture. You start out in the on sell category, even though according to Voiceover, you're actually seeming to be on the birthday category. I know this much as my mother who's sighted tried helping me with the app and confirmed this. When I called them to give some feedback about the app, I didn't get very far. The lady not only didn't know that they even had an IPhone app, she didn't even know who to contact regarding the accessibility. She didn't even know what Voiceover even was. I directed her to look at the Applevis web site, and she promised me she'd do so when she got off of work. She was very friendly, don't get me wrong, just very ignerant about the subject. She said she didn't think anyone at the call center would know anything. She put me on hold to look, but then of corse, darned thing? My blasted phone just had to die right then! Gotta love dead batteries. LOL! Anyway, so yeah, the app looks like it could very easily be made accessible. It's already almost there! This is why I say, if we can find who exactly to contact about it, I mean, as far as what department could esculate this, I think it could have potential.

VoiceOver Performance

VoiceOver reads most page elements.

Button Labeling

Few buttons are clearly labeled.


Some parts of the app are accessible with VoiceOver, but not enough to make it usable.


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