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ParcelTrack – One App to track all of your packages and shipments

ParcelTrack integrates all of your shipments from over 50 delivery services into a single app. Free Push-Notifications keep you up to date with your delivery
status. The ParcelTrack Inbox makes it even more convenient to track your packages.

• Push notifications - ParcelTrack sends free push notifications, so you know when your package is being delivered.

• Delivery forecast – For all delivery services that support this service, ParcelTrack lets you know when your delivery is scheduled. So far DHL, DPD,
Fedex, and UPS provide delivery forecasts.
• Live tracking: Keep track of the delivery van via GPS in real time. (Premium)

• Who has my package: If your shipment has been left with your neighbor, ParcelTrack tells you who has your package. (Premium)

• Automatic carrier detection – When you enter a tracking number ParcelTrack automatically detects the delivery service associated with this number, making
it even more convenient for you to keep track of your delivery.

• ParcelTrack Inbox – No need to enter long tracking numbers by hand: Each ParcelTrack user is assigned a random user ID and an email inbox. When you send
an email to your inbox, our server conveniently extracts the tracking ID contained and adds the parcel to your account. Simply forward delivery notifications
from online shops like Amazon to your ParcelTrack Inbox. ParcelTrack will add the respective shipment to your ParcelTrack account keep you up to date the
progress of your delivery.

• ParcelTrack Archive: Store all delivered packages in your ParcelTrack Archive which gives you an overview of all your delivered shipments.

• Push notifications: Organize your push notifications to according to your preferences. ParcelTrack lets you decide how you wish to be notified. (Premium)

• Barcode Scanner: Shipping your own packages? Simply scan the barcode of your shipment to add it even faster and more convenient to your ParcelTrack account.

• Synchronization: With ParcelTrack-Sync you can easily synchronize ParcelTrack between on all of your iOS devices. Use ParcelTrack on your iPhone and
keep tracking your parcels at home on your iPad. (Premium)

• Delivery Services: So far we have integrated over 50 delivery services worldwide, and we are adding more and more services every week.

ParcelTrack Premium:

Some of ParcelTracks features are part of ParcelTrack Premium and make tracking your shipments even better. We do not display any third party advertisements
within ParcelTrack. In exchange we ask ParcelTrack Premium users for a small contribution to support the further development of ParcelTrack. ParcelTrack
Premium is only 2,99 USD as in app purchase.

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Accessibility Comments: 

All on screen elements are accessible, are properly labeled and can be interacted with easily.

VoiceOver Performance: 

VoiceOver reads all page elements.

Button Labeling: 

All buttons are clearly labeled.


The app is fully accessible with VoiceOver and is easy to navigate and use.

Other Comments: 

I’m the sort of person who can often be found using more than one type of similar app. I.E. multiple weather apps or package tracking apps. This is partly because such apps intrigue me but also as a practical matter I’m a fan of redundancy as one never knows when an app or the services it provides will be discontinued, abandoned by the developer or when accessibility might break. Thus when another popular package tracking app seemed to cease offering push notifications for packages and its developer stopped communicating with users via support channels or social media channels a few months back I began examining my alternative options. One of which was an app I already had in my stable if you will. A few years back I downloaded ParcelTrack from the app store but never fully embraced it as earlier incarnations had many unlabeled elements and tabs. Still since I’d become a premium user I kept it around. Upon revisiting the current version at the time of this writing which is version 2.1 I was pleasantly surprised to find that all tabs and on screen elements were properly labeled and thus announced by VoiceOver. Further more this app along with its premium subscription like another similarly named Parcel App now offers a web interface through which one can add, delete or other wise manage packages. Its push notifications hold their own against other aps offering similar notifications in terms of timely arrival. While the app itself is free and offers limited functionality I find the premium in app subscription which I believe is priced at $2.99 to be a good value and worthwhile investment for myself. It is my understanding that this is a one time purchase but couldn’t verify this for certain at the time of this writing.
I’m glad to note the strides in accessibility this developer has made in terms of this app and have written to express such gratitude directly to them.
I heartily recommend this app and its premium subscription to anyone who wants or needs to track packages for personal or business purposes.

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