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Do you like walking on the beach? Or to smell the air in a heathland? Have you never been able to walk alone because you have low vision or no vision at all and there aren’t any pavements or roads to walk on where you want to go? Try HeareApp. This app starts where the old navigation apps stop.

HeareApp is an application that makes it possible to go for a walk anywhere in the world. By using 3D sound you get directions by using your ears. Walking was never that easy.

Start planning routes on heareapp.com and share them with your friends on social media! Load the code in your iPhone, put in your earphones and start walking. During the walk you only need your GPS connection so you don’t need internet access.

The app uses our 3D Augmented Reality Audio technology. Think of interactive audio guides, tours and games accessible for the visual impaired. Visit for more information.

Note: The app works on iPhone 3gs. But it works faster on newer iPhone models. It also works on ipad 2 and 3 with wi-fi + 3G.


++ Visual impaired people can use Heare
++ Uses actual GPS information
++ Extremely accurate tracking algorithm provided by iPhone
++ Walk anywhere you want, even off-the-road
++ No maps needed, use your ears or the arrow on the screen
++ Follow a dog or use the other sound options to guide you
++ During the walk you don’t need internet access
++ Notification if the GPS signal is not accurate enough

Note: When using the compass, stay clear of large iron or magnetic surfaces. They could distort the compass reading. The GPS signal can be disturbed by high buildings, trees and atmospheric circumstances.

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Accessibility Comments: 

The app supports VO all the way. Once you pass the legal stuff, you can choose between Route and Preferences. The app works with and without a headphone, but with headphone is nice if you want to hear the direction sound. If you do not want to use a headphone outside, you can also use the clicking sound of the compass to guide you. It will make a plopping sound if you direct the phone in the right direction.

- Choose Route to input the code of the route you want to walk
- Choose Preferences to change the sound. You can unselect the More Guidance option. Then you will only hear the sound directions if you click the screen during your walk.

- You have to point the iPhone in the direction of the sound you hear. That is the direction of the next waypoint. Once you reach the waypoint, you will hear a ping and the app will automatically go to the next waypoint on the route.
- The Skip to next button is only if you get stuck because of a bad GPS signal.

The app only works on iphone and ipad with GPS and Compass.
It does not work on ipod touch and ipad without GPS.

VoiceOver Performance: 

VoiceOver reads all page elements.

Button Labeling: 

All buttons are clearly labeled.


The app is fully accessible with VoiceOver and is easy to navigate and use.

Other Comments: 

Make your own 3d audio route and instantly share it with your friends. Guide people to your office, home or to tonights secret party. With the app, you can follow 3d audio points that guide you from waypoint to waypoint. The app is not anything like traditional navigation, but can take you off-the-road. With this app, people can easily make a route in places where there are no roads or paths like on the beach, or just anywhere.

Why would you like this navigation app? The website says: "maybe because standard navigation apps feel to limiting for you. You don't want to turn left after 50 meters, but immediately. You don't want to walk around the park, but through it. Use the website to create a 3d audio route in seconds, write down the code and use it in the app. Depending on the quality of GPS even blind people can now go off-the-road and boldly lead their guide dog where they have not gone before (but remember not to forget your common sense and be careful)."

You have to make the route on the website heareapp.com using Google Maps and a mouse. Once you finish the route, you get a code that can be used in the app.
If you are blind, you will have to ask someone else to make the route for you on the website, or you can input coordinates yourself. The app does not yet include a way to gather coordinates, but this is already possible in other apps. Use the coordinates and input them into the inputfield on the website.

[A] very funny way of walking through nature. It is less good in town, but great to find and try new routes to let you guide dog out. You need to go to the website to make a route but once you have one, it works nicely. Only GPS precision could be much better.. Would be nice if they added more sounds or if you could use your own sounds to determine the direction of the next waypoint.

The website says that it is tested for more than a year with more than 20 blind people and that it works good in VO.

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