Playlist-Creator: The Ultimate Running, Driving, Workout, Dance, Party, and Relaxing Music Organizer!

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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Description of App

As described in the iTunes Store:

Create your playlists in seconds! You can now compile all your favorite songs into playlists with only a few taps and without an internet connection. Playlist-Creator Lite turns your iPhone or iPod Touch into a quick and easy music organizer.

So, there you are, on your way to Grandma's house, your in-law's or even a fun vacation. With iPhone or iPod Touch in hand, you're desperate to find some good tunes to help you zone out and make it through the day or enhance a great time. You have a lot of good songs on your device and of course, you can sync if you have your computer at Grandma's, which of course, you don't. That leaves your existing music library.

Your tastes are eclectic. Scrolling your downloads takes you through a maze of classic, rock and oldies, all mixed together in no particular order. There's even a couple of rap songs in there. Today, you need happy music. You've got some but it's going to be a pain sorting through to find a new song each time. Oh boy, do you need the Playlist-Creator app!

It doesn't matter if you're on the beach, traveling or pretending to pay attention at a boring function, you can now carry the ultimate playlist with you at all times, always at the ready to enjoy or escape with. Thanks to the Playlist-Creator, you don't even have to sync with iTunes to do it.

This app makes working with your music library an effortless and beautiful thing. Create, edit rename and save playlists. You can even compile a list on your iPod's Genius or Smart Playlists and load it into Playlist-Creator.

Playlist-Creator has a user-friendly interface that makes list compilation so quick and easy that you'll wonder how you managed your music without it. This app is flexible, too. It lets you name and rename a new playlist, you can add songs to playlists and change the order of songs as often as you like. You can even delete songs or entire playlists, which is fantastic if you tire of one or your tastes change.

Fun Features

  • Shuffle
  • Look and feel of native iPod
  • Name and Rename the New Playlist
  • Add and Reorder the songs
  • Delete an entire Playlist or individual songs
  • Fast performance
  • Simple, easy to use!
  • Works with your music library, no need to sync to iTunes to make a playlist

This is the only playlist organizer that you'll ever need. With Playlist-Creator, you're always prepared with music for good times or bad. Grab yours now.



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