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"Way more fun than word association has any right to be. 4/4 Must Have!"-- SlideToPlay.com ReviewiAssociate 2 is a word association game, where players have to figure out which words or phrases are associated to each other and was featured on ABC's Good Morning America as a game that is great for keeping your brain sharp. iAssociate 2 has been developed as a family friendly game, and features extensive VoiceOver support to ensure that as many as possible can enjoy the game.Features:

  • Lots of content readily available
  • Updates every three weeks
  • GameCenter support
  • VoiceOver support
  • Puzzles in various topics, such as Movies, Comics, Sports, Travel and much more!

What people say about iAssociate 2"Absolutely brilliant! My husband and I play together and always pull the other one through when stuck!""Great to play with friends. I enjoy word games of all types but this thing takes the cake. If you possess any sort of intelligence, get this app, you won't regret it.""This app really challenges your mind. It make you think about stuff you probably learned in middle school. I think young and not so young should indulge in and enjoy this app. What better way to really exercise your mind?""I really love this game! It was a lot of fun to think outside the box!"iAssociate was one of TUAW's favorite apps of 2009. With the release of iAssociate 2 we are now improving the game further, answering the requests our fans have made, among the biggest being more levels. iAssociate 2 offers brand new, never before seen, levels for you to enjoy. You will get to figure out what some of the most powerful forces on mother earth are, food in all different forms and tastes, go treasure hunting knowing that X marks the spot and LOTS more.Besides the new levels iAssociate 2 also offers lots of new features to help you progress in the game. You can now get hints for all of those words which you get stuck with, but beware, there is only a limited amount of hints for you to use so use them wisely. If the Hints aren't enough then you can now also quickly ask for help on Facebook, in seconds you'll have your help requests published on Facebook allowing everyone else to aid you in the game.If these features aren't enough then there's now a new chance for you to prove your worth by competing against all other players. By completing your levels faster than others you'll now have a chance to earn speed medals, which can help you unlock more levels faster.Follow us on Twitter for the latest iAssociate 2 news:http://www.twitter.com/ticbitsSo, what are you waiting for, go and download iAssociate 2 and have fun!

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As mentioned in the app store description, iAssociate 2 now has excellent support for VoiceOver. The developers got a lot of feedback from the VO community and have implemented many of our suggestions. The result is one of the most accessible word games in the app store. There are now two VoiceOver modes, one for beginners and one for more advanced users. A sound is played when a correct letter is entered, and another sound occurs when a correct word is entered. It's easy to tell what words are associated with, what a word's clue is if it has one, and if a word is a bonus word, meaning it can't be guessed one letter at a time. The only problem with accessibility is the occasional inability to edit a word. This happens because the word is on the very edge of the screen. These words aren't visually visible, though VO can see them. It is necessary to scroll left or right one page to make the word visible and therefore editable.

VoiceOver Performance: 

VoiceOver reads all page elements.

Button Labeling: 

All buttons are clearly labeled.


The app is fully accessible with VoiceOver and is easy to navigate and use.

Other Comments: 

This is by far my favorite iOS word game. I have completed all the levels, no mean feat for someone who knows very little about things like modern TV shows and such. Though I was able to complete most of these levels without the latest VO improvements, the VO support makes this game much more fun and easier to play. Most levels are made up of words and associations that will be familiar to the general public, but a few, such as reality TV shows, are specific to a certain topic. I hope the word game fans here enjoy this contribution.

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