App Roll-Backs: How to Reinstall the Previous Version of an iOS App

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In this podcast Scott Davert shows us how to roll-back to a previous version of an app. This is useful for those occasions when an app update introduces accessibility issues for VoiceOver users. To have this roll-back option available, it is good practice to update apps directly on your iDevice and check the usability of the new version before you sync with iTunes. Our thanks go to RoosterLoop, who has kindly created some new audio effects for the AppleVis Podcast. We were very pleased to see the old ones retired!

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Rolling back aps using icloud

This was an interesting podcast. Is there any information about rolling back using ICloud? I am not using Itunes to sync apps as a rule and am more likely to backup to the cloud.

Very Helpful

I just used this podcast to roll back to the previous version of foursquare. Very clear and concise instructions as well as demonstration.

rolling back using the cloud

I would like to know this answer as well. I am interested in testing an updated app that I know is broken so I can comment on it online but I want to be able to recover. I also do not use ITunes.

The way I understand it,

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The way I understand it, iCloud gets all of the apps from the iTunes unfortunately you would be stuck with the latest version...I think...

How to Restore Additional Apps from iTunes Library?

Thanks, scott, you are a lifesaver since taxi magic 3.0 is broken and I need to restore it from iTunes library. However, if I subsequently find another app on my phone to be broken, may I again go back to my iTunes app table for another restore? If I'm not mistaken, this is not possible, since the sync required during the first restore process would overwrite all of my iTunes libary apps with anything more current on my phone. Is this correct? Is there a work around. I may discover additional apps which need to be restored from my iTunes library, and I would like to be able to do this. Thanks so much for all of your help. Scott (No, I'm not the smart Scott that did the great podcast! )

Hi Scott. If you perform a

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Hi Scott.
If you perform a sync after updating the one app, and you have updated another app without trying it out, then you cannot do this process. However, if you don't have your computer set to empty your Recycle Bin automatically, you may not be out of luck. First, verify that you still have the app in your Recycle Bin, which you can do by opening it and seeing if the app you want to restore to is there. The file should have a version number on it along with a .ipa extention. Go in to your iTunes library, the process differs slightly from Windows XP and Vista/7, with Windows explorer. I think it's usually found in Document, or in older versions of Windows, My Documents, then My Music and then Itunes media. From there, find the newer version of the app you want to role back and delete it. Then, go back to your Recycle Bin, copy the old version of the app you just found there, and paste it into the iTunes library folder and resync with your phone. if you do not have the app in your Recycle Bin, you may be stuck with it.
As others have said regarding the iCloud question, sadly, this is not possible as far as I know.

I will begin backing up soon!

Hi Scott,

After a rather frustrating realization that I haven't backed up my phone before, I will now begin doing this thanks to your very helpful demonstration!

What happens to data?

Hi. If I do this, what will happen to my data? I know when you delete an app all data stored in the app is also deleted. Will iTunes put the app back on the phone as a fresh install or will it install the app with my data on it. I am thinking of trying this for Shazam. I am using a mac, but I think it should still work.