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Posted on Sunday 27 July 2014 by Chris Norman

For a while now, VoiceOver portable preferences has bugged me, because it's so outdated. Today I decided to tackle the problem once and for all.

What I wanted was a way to take my preferences with me wherever I go. I have...

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Posted on Friday 25 July 2014 by mehgcap


The default Mail app on the Mac is easy enough to use once you set up your mail accounts. You up and down arrow through your messages, press delete to trash some, and… Wait, how do you read messages? Enter? VO-j? Use the preview?...

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Posted on Friday 25 July 2014 by James AVC

Apple’s iOS 7 for mobile devices has been out for some time now and it has received some great reviews from the disabled community for its improved accessibility. However, many visually impaired people (me included) were unimpressed by the...

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Posted on Friday 11 July 2014 by mehgcap


When you first get a Mac, and are learning VoiceOver, it can be hard to remember the myriad commands available. Some are pretty easy, like control-option-w to read the current word. Some are quite complex or seldom used, such as...

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Posted on Wednesday 9 July 2014 by mehgcap

So Many Macs!

When people think about switching to a Mac, the available options can seem overwhelming. Is a Mac Mini a laptop? Do you need a Macbook Air, or the extra power of the Pro? What's an iMac? Which Mac is best for VoiceOver...

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Posted on Tuesday 24 June 2014 by Musicruz

If you have been foloowing the jailbreaking world, you should know by now that there is a new jailbreaking tool/software called "pangu," which was made from China. Yes guys, This is an additional product we are going to use that was...

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Posted on Monday 23 June 2014 by Christopher Hallsworth

This guide has been written by myself so hope you like it.

Installing Mac OS X from a USB flash drive

This guide will show you how to create a bootable USB flash drive to install Mac OS X. Here are the prerequisites.
A USB...

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Posted on Wednesday 18 June 2014 by Chris Norman

This is an updated and refined version of this guide, now that I've learned a little more, and stopped being so confused.

So we all know about the keyboard commander, and how you can make it read the time when you press option + t,...

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Posted on Wednesday 14 May 2014 by David Woodbridge

This guide looks at the support given by Apple for their mobile and desktop devices in relation to the use of Braille. Topics covered include: what Apple products support the use of Braille, what Braille devices are supported, how to install and...

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Posted on Tuesday 29 April 2014 by blinky321

Accessing Audio Described DVDs on a Mac Computer.
I was recently very excited to discover that I could play Audio described DVDs on my Apple computer. after inserting a DVD into my MacBook Pro and expecting my wife to have to help...

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