UbiDisk (File Manager + Downloader + EasyPush)


Description of App: 

In version 2.0 we proudly introduce a very handy file transfer method named EasyPush.EasyPush is the easiest way so far to exchange files and texts among iPhone, iPad and PC. You can send one or more files to other devices by just a few taps; or drag-drop any files and folders on PC to iPhone and iPad. It’s never been so easy like this to transfer files on your devices. Try it, and you’ll love it!iPhone 5&;s 4-inch Retina display is supported now!For best use of EasyPush, please download and install EasyPush for Windows from Features:

  • Store and view files on your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad
  • Powerful downloader for downloading video, picture, music, PDF, ZIP, RAR and any other file from internet
  • Easily exchange files/texts/links among iPhone, iPad and PC with EasyPush
  • Restore last view position for movie and PDF files
  • Automatically push last view positions to all of your devices
  • Professional file manager
  • Enhanced PDF viewer, image viewer and text editor
  • Multiple methods (HTTP, FTP, Bluetooth, USB and Email) for device to PC and device to device file transferring
  • Passcode lock for protecting your files and your privacy
  • Optimized for VoiceOver
  • Flashlight with timer
  • No in-app advertisement, no limitation, absolutely free

EasyPush Features:

  • Push multiple files and folders at one time
  • Push text and web link
  • Tap and hold web link in integrated web browser to push link to PC and other devices
  • Right-click or drag&drop files on PC to send to iOS devices
  • Works on iOS and MS Windows (Mac OS X app is coming soon)
  • Much easier than existing files transfer methods (HTTP, FTP, WebDAV etc.)
  • Safer than sharing files
  • No account registration and no internet connection required
  • Transfer in background with background tasking

Downloader Features:

  • Download any type of file from any link automatically or manually
  • Tap and hold to force download
  • Super fast downloading speed with simultaneous downloads
  • Ability to resume interrupted downloads
  • Download in background (max 10 minutes due to system limitation) with completion notification
  • Full screen mode
  • Friendly download manager
  • Address bar autocomplete
  • Bookmarks and history
  • Save copied webpage into a webarchive file

File Manager Features:

  • ZIP compression and decompression
  • RAR decompression
  • Thumbnail for image file
  • Copy, cut, paste, rename and delete files and folders
  • Search files in given path and all its folders recursively
  • Print files via AirPrint
  • Export image and video to Photos Album
  • Batch import images and videos from Photos Album
  • Capture image and video from camera
  • Save files to UbiDisk from other app (e.g. Email and Safari)
  • Open document into other applications
  • Save webpage and text in pasteboard to a file, including text & images, from Safari or downloader, for reading offline later

File Transferring and Sharing Features:

  • Support HTTP, FTP, Bluetooth, USB and Email
  • Thumbnail for image in HTTP transfer

PDF Reader Features:

  • Full screen mode with friendly navigation control
  • Remember last position and push to all devices by iCloud
  • No freeze or crash by large PDF files

Text Editor Features:

  • View and edit text file in full screen
  • Scale text with bigger or smaller font size
  • Send text by email and SMS message

Image Viewer Features:

  • Full screen mode with friendly navigation control
  • Save image to Photos Album
  • Share image by email and Twitter

Video Player Features:

  • Full screen mode
  • Remember last position and push to all devices by iCloud

Supported File Formats:

  • Archive (ZIP, RAR)
  • Audio (WAV, MP3, M4A, CAF, AIF, AIFF, AAC)
  • Movies (MP4, MOV, MPV, M4V)
  • PDF Documents
  • iWorks (Pages, numbers, and Keynote)
  • Microsoft Office (Word, Excel and PowerPoint)
  • RTF (Rich Text Format)
  • RTFD (TextEdit documents with embedded images)
  • Plain text?
  • HTML web pages
  • Web archives

Apple Watch Support: 

Not Known



Free or Paid: 


Device(s) App Was Tested On: 


Accessibility Comments: 

The developers have gone out of their way to make both the iOs app and Pc application totally accessible. In the iOs app they have even included a setting for VoiceOver compatibility, "use built in iOs pdf reader for VoiceOver compatibility", which is switched off by default. The description also mentions VoiceOver enhancements.

VoiceOver Performance: 

VoiceOver reads all page elements.

Button Labeling: 

All buttons are clearly labeled.


The app is fully accessible with VoiceOver and is easy to navigate and use.

Other Comments: 

This is an awesome app if you want to transfer files, download, and even push files and text using the Easy Push service.