Description of App: 

SayText reads out loud the text in the image. It is intended for the visually impaired users. SayText is a free spin off product from the DocScanner team.


  1. Place the iPhone center of a document and double-tap the “Take picture” -button
  2. Slowly elevate the iPhone upwards from the document, until the whole document is in picture. A beep sound indicates, that the document has been detected. The camera will shoot automatically when focused
  3. While the OCR is running, tap the screen to hear the progress status
  4. When the OCR is ready, swipe right on the screen to listen the document



Free or Paid: 


Device(s) App Was Tested On: 

iPhone 4

Accessibility Comments: 

Everything in this app is accessible. It has been designed specifically for blind users.

VoiceOver Performance: 

VoiceOver reads all page elements.

Button Labeling: 

All buttons are clearly labeled.


The app is fully accessible with VoiceOver, but the interface could be easier to navigate and use.


It doesn't work at all for me.

I have tested SayText with a number of clearly printed documents under varying lighting conditions and have found that it doesn't work. On the few occasions when I have been able to hear the orientation beep and complete the OCR process, only garbage characters were heard when reading the document.

For me, this app doesn't

For me, this app doesn't work at all, I never get the beep sound mensioned in the description and even with help of a sighted person I can't any readable letter out of it. Any other user expiriences?

Same here

I never heard the tone either and could never get much success with recognition

sounds great!

This app sounds absolutely fantastic! I tried prismo but find it too awkward to use. However, judging from the comments, I'm not so sure. I will still download it and test it; hope maybe by now the developpers have ironed out any of these problems.

mmm disappointing

Well further to my comment yesterday, I did actually download it last night and tried it with no success at all. My dad, who is sighted, tried it and he said that there's actually a box on screen where all the text fits. the text was jumping around all over the place, but when he had as much as he could get in there, he used the camera button to take a photo. I then read the OCR result which was amazing; of course it wasn't entirely there but mostly and there was no mistakes in the words at all; I was amazed; I said that. If only I could have some luck at getting the page into focus. This morning I tried again several times on my own. I never got a beep to confirm that the whole document was in focus but after a while of lifting the phone upwards, I manually took photos but never got anything except one symbol and once, I got a whole lot of symbols. I might see if I can find an email address of the developper to see whether they have had any success stories.

for me it also doesn't work

I also can't read anything with this app. It just gives a bunch of gibberish. It's sad because it could really help a lot of people.

Oh for sure; it sounds so so

Oh for sure; it sounds so so easy too; couldn't be more misleading. :(

App does not work as advertised

This app is difficult to use even for people who are sighted. I tried it with the iPad 2, and holding it above the document, getting the text in the screen, and capturing the image proved a difficult process. Also, the OCR was grossly inaccurate. I have messaged the developer noting the problems I had, so hopefully there will be improvements.