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Hello Applevis readers. Today I would like to review for you a product called the Subpac m2X, hereafter referred to as the Subpac. This device is one of the greatest audio accessories I have ever found. I watch a lot of Youtube channels specifically about different products, and I love headphone and speaker reviews. It gives me something interesting to do while I come up with the cash to get whatever that item is to experiment with it and see if it will fit into my life in any shape, way or form. But enough about that. You're here to read about the Subpac. Where do I begin? It is a wearable backpack that reproduces sounds on the low end of the spectrum. You put it on, much like any other backpack, accept for the chest strap and some waist straps if you find it necessary, and the tight fit to your body really helps you feel that bass. In my estimation, it is one of the best uses of money I have found. The first time I got this and opened it up, I was blown away by it. I opened the box, which contained the unit itself, some extra straps, and the charging brick. The unit itself I will describe now. As I said it looks like a backpack. You can't actually store anything in it, but it does look sort of like a backpack. There is a control box attached to it by a somewhat thick cable that has a button to turn the Subpac on for wired listening through a 3.5 MM aux jack, holding down that same button starts in pairing mode to connect to your Bluetooth devices for non-crittical listening. There is an intensity knob that you can turn up and down to adjust the bass level, and it also has a nice little click you can feel at the halfway mark. Also on the control box is the afforementioned aux cable for connecting to non-Bluetooth devices as well as a headphone jack to connect your headphones to the Subpac. Pair up or connect wired, and get your favorite music ready to go. Whether it's rap, rock with bassy kick drums, or maybe the latest action movie complete with explosions and gunfire, this is a truly amazing device. Merely describing the sensations I felt while wearing the Subpac can't do it justice. The only way I can think of it to describe is, have you ever rode in a car with subs behind the seats and leaned back into the seats to feel the bass vibrate your back and head? That's what this experience is like. In short, I give this product a solid 4.5 out of 5 stars. The only real pro I have with this device is that they could have made the cable for the control box a bit longer, so I could clip it to a belt loop or pants pocket. A friendly word of advice; mind the halfway click. I would advise not turning the intensity knob to beyond this point. The device will automatically power down if it starts getting too hot because the bass knob is up all the way. Actually according to what I've read on the website there's an LED on the control box that flickers when the output is too much, but I've found taking off my headphones and listening to the Subpac helps me figure out where to place it so that bass is still felt, but it doesn't clip and overheat. According to the Subpac website, running it at excessive levels for too long after an extended period will ruin it. I'm putting that here in this review so that you all know. I've had personal experience with it. Overall however, I would still say if you have $350 kicking around, buy the Subpac if you're into a lot of bass in your music, or you play computer games with a lot of battles or love watching movies or listening to audio dramas with lots of high-impact action scenes.

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