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Two weeks ago I bought a Docking station and this is a cool one! It is a sony stereo with a docking station for iPods and iPhones unfortunately it doesn't work with the iPad. It comes with a Remote control. On the top it has a CD player on the right side of that slot it has an eject button. Below that to the left it has a on/off button and the screen To the right side their is a wheel With different settings one is for the iPod another is for the CD player another one for the FM radio Another for A.M. Radio and some kind of Audio Input button which I don't know what that is for! In the middle of that is a select button. Under that it has two sets of botton one is for volume up and down and the other one is for changing the stations. You can find this Dock at Target.

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iPod Touch


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Thanks for posting the review. Do you have the model number?


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That would be good, as we can then point people towards the specific model.