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This is not exactly a headset; this is a speaker included inside a soft and comfortable pillow! Touching it, it seems a normal pillow with nothing in particular; but one of the 4 corners has something special: a 3,5 MM male-male cable, which can connect wherever you want! iPhone, iPod, iPad, every device with a 3,5 MM female jack! This cable can be detached from its place, so that the pillow can be washed and can dry outside. Note: the pillow cannot be put inside the washing machine, but it can be cleaned by hand with a wet cloth. Of course it's not the case to let a small dog or cat jump on there! The best suggestion is to cover the pillow with a pillow case (of course the pillow case's open part must cover the cable's side), so that when needing to be washed, just the pillowcase can be extracted and tranquilly washed. Pro: - it's possible to listen to music without any headphones hpressing on ears - this soft soft pillow is good for every bed, sofa or armchair, music's volume is not felt very loud so that ears would not have troubles when lying down on bed - it's comfortable to read audiobooks! Just activate automatic reading on the computer or iPhone, and that's all! - my favourite use right now, is to connect it to my airport express base when i am in bed and use it as an airplay device Contro: - this pillow has no volume control the only way to adjust volume, is to do it from the music source. iPhone, iPad, iPod and so on as the speaker is hidden inside soft material, the volume may be heard lower than it is, so, the device must be set a bit louder on the original product website,, there are other funny products for sleeping with music: a sound asleep blanket a personalized pillowcase for the soundasleep pillow a travel pillow with 2 speakers, to feel comfortable and listen to music in the car a kid's soundasleep pillow and so on

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