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I just got this headset for christmas. I really love it. This stereo headset is bluetooth and also comes with a detachable cable for use with non-bluetooth devices. It also comes with a micro-usb cable for charging with a computer or standard USBwall charger. A wall charger is not included, just the cable.
The orientation of the buttons is easy to understand. Everything is on the right side of the headset. The only thing on the flat serfice of the headset are four buttons. On the left and right are previous and next track buttons. They also are used as volume buttons. In the middle of these buttons are two long buttons ontop of eachother. They are call and the play/pause buttons. On the side of the right earpiece is a on/off switch, micro-usb charging port, and a light which indicates battery status.
Pairing the headset is simple. Just pair it in your device's bluetooth settings like normal. No codes to enter, it just connects automatically. When the headset is switched on, you will hear an ascending beep and a shorter beep when it is connected. Although the light changes color to indicate battery level and so on, this isn't useful to me. However, the headset's charge level is shown on the status line of my phone. Charging the headset is easy, but there is no audible beep telling you the headset is charged. I recommend charging over night.
My experience with this headset is excellent. The reception is ok, but i think there has to be an unobstructed path between the headset and device. There is some latency between the time you enter a command on the device and the time you hear audio through the headset. This happens with most bluetooth audio devices from what I've heard, but the delay is tolerable. Battery life is quite good, but I don't know how good compared to other headsets. I also have to mention that the audio quality is fantastic. The clarity and stereo sound is quite good, and comparable to other wired headsets I've used. With that being said, I'm not very spacific about sound quality. If you are looking for something that sounds like products from bows, I think this headset should be for you. However, I could be wrong, so you'll have to see for yourself.
This headset is quite comfortable. It adjusts to fit most head sizes and fits good over the ears. I like the way it feels, but again, you might have to see for yourself. As far as the price, I really don't know. It was a christmas gift, but If I find out, I'll update this review.
In conclusion, I highly recommend this headset for people who are blind and visually impaired The use and setup is quite straight forward. I hope this set lasts me a while.

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