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In our ever-expanding world of technology, we have also experienced an ever-expanding need for more cables and, more specifically, USB powered charging devices. And while we're at it, also more of those power bricks that go with our technology to charge it through AC power. Unless, you have something which can charge multiple USB powered devices at once, while also connecting to the wall. The Rock Wall 5-Port USB Charger being sold by Speed Dots, is such a tool which can make charging multiple USB-powered devices a simple task, and also eliminate the need for carrying around a bunch of power supplies for each of your power hungry pieces of technology.

What Does It Look Like?

The Rock Wall 5-Port USB Charger is about the size of a deck of playing cards. The device is shaped like a square with rounded edges and is made of glossy plastic. On the front of the device, you will find 5 USB ports. Any of these 5 USB ports can charge up to 2.4 amps at a time, and the charger will automatically determine the most efficient way to charge your technology as it is plugged in. Some chargers of this type allocate certain ports for certain types of current, which means you have to plug in your tablet on a specific port to get the best results, for example. With 5 ports to choose from, it can be hard to remember which port is for which device.

The surface of the charger is smooth, with no ports or plugs. On the back of the charger, you will find a 2 pin connector which plugs in to the charger, with the other end of that plug being used to plug in to a wall outlet. note that a power cord for the U.S. is included with the device itself.

How Well does It Work?

I have found that this device is very portable and is able to charge several 1.2 amp devices at the same time without trouble or slowing down. The charger is rated at 5 Amps of output, so it is only able to charge 2 tablets at a time. However, since most tablets are 2.4 amps, and most smart phones are 1.2, you can certainly plug 3 smart phones or np3 players in as well as a tablet, and get the full charge to all devices quickly. When traveling for business recently, I had a device that connects my hearing aids to audio sources, my iPhone SE, an iPad Pro, and a VarioUltra 40 connected all at one time. With 4 ports in use, the charging seemed almost as fast as if the equipment I was using were all plugged in to wall outlets with their respective power supplies. When I connected 2 iPads, they seemed to charge equally as fast, but plugging in a 3rd device to charge seemed to slow the entire process down. The charger did continue charging both iPads along with the newly added 3rd device, but at a reduced speed.


This 5-Port Charger is something I take with me whenever I travel. Particularly when I'm staying in a hotel which I may not have the ability to quickly determine where several outlets are. It also lightens what I need to pack, since I have this small charger which can top off my various USB-powered technologies without having to carry around a bunch of power supplies. I have purchased a second one for use in my office, as, again, I can just plug in the various USB cables and charge things before I leave work. While 5 amps is going to not work for someone who needs to keep more than 2 tablets charged, for me at least, this works quite well. At $25, it's also in a price range where I can even buy more of these as gifts to family members or friends who also have a need similar to my own.

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All ports being 2.4A is a big draw for me. I wish it was a bit higher than 5 amps total, but it's a great bargain at that price.