A Review of the Ckeyin Media and Camera Bluetooth Remote Control for iOS

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I've been using a remote control for a few months and others might find this useful as well.

The ckeyin (spelled c k e y i n) remote easily fits in the palm of the hand and is about the size of the Creative audio MP3 device and about the same shape.  Most folks will likely never have seen the creative offering which died out about 10 years ago.  Anyway, the Ckeyin remote is quite small and has real feel appeal.  For purposes of clarity, I will define the top as being the end where the included key chain can be attached; the bottom includes the on/off switch and the USB charging port.

Starting then from the top, the ckeyin remote offers the following functions:
play/pause which is a semi-circular button, rounded side up.

Below is found a rectangular button, the right end volume up, the left end volume down.
Moving down again is the next/fast forward on the right end of the semi-circular button; backward/fast rewind on the left.  The rounded side faces downward.

The final circular button is the photo button which works when the photo app is loaded.

On the bottom of the unit is the USB port on the left, the on/of switch is a pointy projection on the right.  Moving it to the right is on, the left is off.

Links for the US and Canadian sites are as follows:
USA site

Canadian site

I did not find anything on Amazon for other countries and, checking the actual ckeyin web site, no mention is made of this remote control.

The price is about $12 Canadian and as I recall, about $4.00 US. (some things just ain't fair!)

It may take some practice to feel the buttons which are not raised from the rest of the surface.  I suppose one could use lock dots to help out here.  For me, using this remote is a lot safer than handling my IPhone on a cold day; I can work this device while inside my gloves.  BTW, the included key chain is not reliable against a solid yank.

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Submitted by Remy on Thursday, September 14, 2017

One of the reasons I haven't plunged into getting a pair of Air Pods (other than that I live in Canada where "things just aren't fair" is there is no media control other than Siri. I imagine this little device might be helpful, depending of course on how long of range it has from the phone. Might also be good if you're across a room with your IOS device plugged into speakers. I do dishes all the time during such a situation, and having to dry my hands off, cross the room and switch a track or song is a first world problem I find snobbishly agrivating

I actually have two of these devices due to my own stupidity with the first one which I thought had died but proved to be still operational. I use one for play/pause and volume up/down on my windows computer, the other for the full functions as described for my Ihone. I can accurately operate both from about 20 feet distance.. At about $12.00, it is less expensive than a six pack of beer. It really is a great little tool.

Submitted by Moopie Curran on Monday, October 30, 2017

This is a great little remote, but I have an observation, when music is playing, and the camera app is not loaded, the bottom button seems to max out the volume of whatever is playing. I'd advise anyone not to make the same mistake I did and try this feature with speakers or headphones, connected, lol. I'm using iOs 11 with this remote, and that's what the bottom button on mine does. It's a great remote to use while exercising.
Thanks for the great review

Moocie, strang indeed; I cannot reproduce the max volume issuewith the ckeyin remote using the music app or the receiver app. BTW, if you use BlindSquare, the remote functions the same way as the controls on the Bluez wireless headset and is, in my experience, a lot easier to handle. Maybe this occurs only with remote speakers but not when using iPhone directly. I am using an iPhone 5S with the most recent IO.