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Introduction For the power user, which I consider myself to be, one of the challenges is keeping all of your devices charged and ready to use. As someone who owns an iPod, iPhone, Macbook Air, and who requires braille support, I demand a lot of power each day. A problem for me is that most power strips are huge in size, or they do not have enough outlets configured in the spacing which will allow me to charge many devices simultaneously. For example, a few different AC adapters. This was always quite an issue for me, particularly in hotels or places I may be traveling to where I do not have a good charging source for all of my devices.


Measuring 5.5" X 5.5" by 2 inches, the Powerqube weighs about a pound. It has 3 AC plugs, very nicely spaced, on each side, and then 3 USB ports on the front. The back of the powercube consists of a reset button, built in power surge protection, and an outlet that is at the end of a cord that is about 5 feet long. The plug itself, which is wired for the US, sits on a right angle so as not to take up more than one outlet on the wall. It is made of very heavy duty smooth plastic, which fits nicely on any nightstand, table, or even on the floor.

Performance and thoughts

I recently carried this device with me on a trip to Michigan and found it fit nicely in my bag along with all of my other electronics. When I arrived at my destination, after using GPS, reading Twitter, and doing several other tasks on the go, I found that I needed to recharge my iPhone and my braille display. I was able to do so, in record time, with the two 2 Amp USB ports on the front of the Powerqube. Both devices (an iPhone 5 and a Braille Edge) charged as though they were plugged in to a wall outlet as opposed to the computer. A family member also wanted to charge an iPad, and adding this 3rd USB device didn't impact the charging of the other 2 connected things. Since getting this device, I had 2 USB batteries, an iPhone, a BrailleNote mPower, and a Braille Edge all plugged in at the same time, and though the Powerqube did get slightly warm, it charged all the devices without a problem. Conclusion Priced at $50, I find this Powerqube to be an adequate device to suit all of my charging needs. External batteries are very good, but you still need a high capacity AC source so that these devices can have an electricity feast from time to time. While slightly more expensive than a high end power strip, this device provides me with a unique set of charging options for both AC and USB power. The other thing I like about the Powerqube, which other charging stations lack, is that it has 3 2 amp USB ports. Others have 2 of 1.2 and 2 of 2 amps, or some such variation and also don't seem quite as sturdily built. With the Powerqube, there is no confusion about which ports are which. Overall, this is a great charging system that I would recommend to people who are serious about keeping things plugged in and charged.

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