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Hello. Its my first review here, so don't be very annoyed if I break something hard. Anyway. I used to have apple wireless keyboard, wich is a great product, but as everything, it has its minuses. I carry mine most of the time in my laptop case. What happened, was that it used to turn itself on in there. Those who own this keyboard know, how easyli the button in one end presses and turns the keyboard on. So I found myself in the other end of the house, again with turned on keyboard and no qwerty keyboard on the iphone or the iPad. I decided to look into different one, wich would have a fysical power switch. The Perixx PERIBOARD-804i ended up in my shopping basket and in my house few days later. The box and joys of opening it. The box is nothing very interesting, just a regular flat cardboard box, wich is not very hard to open. The things you find in it are a bit more interesting: * The keyboard itself. * some paperwork * A micro usb cable to charge your keyboard. (yes, this one has internal battery.) First impressions and description. Its a totally flat keyboard. There isn't a part wich rises the top of the keyboard higher a bit like it does on the apple one. Its completely made of plastic, but this sort of plastic wich is not creaking and clicking at you when you breathe on it. The keys are quiet, even quieter than the apple keyboard has and feel very solid and concrete. Here is a quick layout for those who might want to get it or have already gotten and haven't figured out the buttons. Top row: escape, f1 =home f2 =search f3, f4, f5, are media controls. Rewind, Play/pause, Next. F6, f7, f8 are volume controls. Mute, decrease, increase. f9 to f12does nothing interesting. next is eject and then something called control caracter, wich purpose I really don't know Then you will get your regular qwerty keybaord layout. Its an US keyboard, so ' is most right of the 3rd row. The bottom row from left to right goes ctrl, fn, option, command, space, command, option, and arrows. ON the top of the keyboard you get only your micro usb connector. Note that the keyboard turns itself on while charging no matter in what position the switch is so you could have unexpected connections on your devices. At the bottom of the keyboard there is a power switch and a pairing button, aswell as very good rubber feet wich keep the keyboard very steady on the desk. Overal: This keyboard is very good and I will recommend this to everybody who like to write fast, this thing really allows you to do it. Only minus I could probably think of that the power switch is not so solid, so it may come off at some point when used very much.

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