Otterbox defender case with Speeddots tactile screenprotector for iPhone 4

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Today I would like to talk about 2 things I got yesterday. Another accessories for my iPhone. This is my first review so don't really go hard and start talking about things what went wrong, (because I'm shure nothing went wrong actually) with this review. Defender case is nice, and contains 3 pieces. 1. the outer part, with the beltstrap. The second rubber case, the third, witch contains the phone and the screenprotector and is made of plastic. First, getting this stuff opened was a real pain. I spent literally 20 minutes guessing how this box is gonna open, because I didn't want to break anything. Finally it was open and my phone got into it. Then I spent another minute to close that thing up again. If it was done, I was 100% shure that my iPhone is secure and doesn't break. So, what does it look like. The beltstrap part can be taken off easily and I recommend it to left separately for the most time, as it makes the phone quite big. If you need it, you can attach it to the case and attach your phone where ever you want. The belstrap is made from plastic and turns 360 degrees with clicks, so you can use your phone in what position you like. The rubber case has 2 windows at the back - for the camera and for the apple logo. There are doors for mute switch, 30 pin connector, headphone connector on the rubber case. So usually those are closed and nothing can get into the phone. You don't really need the mute switch so frequently anymore, as the do not disturb mode kills noisy things at night. I do really like that case, and hope that it is gonna last long. The speeddots screenprotector. I got it with the otterbox case. It is attached to the screen part of the case, and works perfectly well. I've seen a decreas of mistakes on my typing so far and finding things on screen is also faster. Both products described above are ordered from the speeddots website.

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