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MX-360 Hi to every one out there, I want to share with you guys a review of a Bluetooth hedset. The Bluetooth have the next accessories: a charger 3.5 mmearphones Bluetooth device Description and review: The Bluetooth like is a oval shape and is all black and the bottoms are silver the Bluetooth device with a oval shape and it small Perfect to carry every where. The Bluetooth have 4 faces: On the front is the one that have all the buttons. One of them is a little squared on the bottom and is to turn on (power), and functions as answer andhung off the calls.the other one it have a circle in the middle up and down for volumes and left and right forward and backward of music operation. and the little button that is inside of the circle is to pause and play. On the right side is to connect the earphones On the left side is to connect the charger. On the back side it have a little clip to jam it in your packet jeans or whatever you want to put it on. Specification and features: Top time over 4 hours Is really easy to use it. voiceOver works perfectly more info on the link below Bluetooth-Stereo-Headset-with- EU-Plug-for-iPhone-Black- MX360_p155991.html Note: . The original wire plug is not very common. Over all is a really good product under $20 dollars and they do international shipping.

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